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From G's to Gents

September 5, 2008
By Siryl BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
Siryl BRONZE, Thornton, Colorado
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A couple days ago I was squandering around the house until I finally sat on my couch and turned on the TV. I flipped the channel to MTV and a show called, ‘From G’s to Gents’ was on. I decided to leave it on because it had a ridiculous title and nothing else was on. Who watches gangsters struggle to be gentlemen on national television?

A group of guys are brought into a mansion who want to make a change on their looks, but mostly their lives. The head of the show is a man called Fonzworth Bentley. He wants to resolve the men’s conflicts and struggles they’ve had in the past and grow into responsible, respectful, smart men. By the end of the show a winner who has proven they are true gentlemen and has thrown their old ways away will win $100,000.

Every week there is a man that gets eliminated by the most votes they have on elimination night. Usually Mr. Bentley chooses who shall go or stay. The characters come from different backgrounds that are determined to stay even if it means to fight. With all the guys in the house there will definitely be a lot of drama.

The gangsters are put to the test with tasks that they need to win in order to bring their game up. One of the challenges that I think was hilarious was when E6, Creepa, Cee, T-Jones, Shotta and D-Boy went to a traditional Japanese dinner with Mr. Bentley’s Japanese friends. The G’s needed to impress them with etiquette table manners. One by one a G began to be kicked out of the table. Only two remained T-Jones and D-Boy. The final step of the challenge was to eat blowfish. It is the most poisonous fish to eat if not prepared correctly. So basically, these guys were drop dead scared. The Japanese men began to pray when D-Boy was about to take the first bite. T-Jones decided also to pray, but instead he sang. Everyone at the table looked at each other with a puzzled face. It was a very funny moment. In the end T-Jones took the challenge in the bag. Who knew singing would save your life?

Who is real, who is fake? Is it just about the money or their passion? Will they be able to mature and learn from their mistakes? What makes this show so special? As the G’s begin to leave only one will stand and will be crowned a Gent.

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