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May 21, 2009
By Kyle Peters BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
Kyle Peters BRONZE, Cannon Falls, Minnesota
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Are you sick of getting beat by your opponent or the computer? I am here to help you beat them so they can lose now instead of you. You will beat them tennis, baseball, bowling.
I usually loosed in tennis, intill I learned how to do a fast serve. If you want to start winning in tennis like me listen up. First you want to swing as if you are throwing the ball up in the air, swing when it is at the highest point while holding B.you sick of that old green tennis court? You can get the training court to make it look like you're on a real court that has lots of them by you. When you are done picking your players that are going to play; hold the 2 button when tennis is loading, or the screen that says have a lot of arm room.
Baseball, I was sick of that same old over hand pitch and in real baseball I throw side arm so I wanted my guy on the Wii to throw side arm. You can learn this by when you are up on pitching hold 2. Hate that your computer players keep beating you? You can beat then about everytime, with my perfect homerun swing. You your pitch comes swing your arm up and to the left or right what ever hand you are.
Bowling that my second favorite sport on this game. You sick of your 5 year old cousin or brother beating you when doesn't even try? Well I got a way for you to get a strike 90% of the time. Move to the seconded line on the ally. Then try to throw the ball up as straight as you can; or just trying to hit pin l&2 or 1&3. And they will all go down. In training you can get 91 pins all of them down all you have to do are try to get it on top of those blockers and let it go all the way till you hear a boom then all of the pins will fall and you will get 91x2. It might take you couple times to get it. It took me 7 times to get it know I can do it every time.
I hope you have learned a little bit more then what you knew before you read this. I have been undefeated in tennis, and my highest score in bowling 267.

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on Jul. 9 2009 at 2:50 pm
americanteen97 SILVER, Harrisburg, Pennsylvania
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IT didn't tell me what the game is actually about.