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The Perfect Fit for the Next Puzzle Piece

January 2, 2010
By Amy Cooper BRONZE, Canfield, Ohio
Amy Cooper BRONZE, Canfield, Ohio
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Ask any Ohio resident what the mascot for The Ohio State University is, and it will be hard to find one who cannot give the correct answer. There are more than 130 colleges and universities in the state of Ohio, and I think it is safe to say that Ohio State is among the most well known of them all. Why is Ohio State so well known? It may be because of its humongous size, its extremely strong alumni, or because of the wide span of majors and opportunities that attracts its 50 odd thousand students. Regardless of the reason, Ohio State has proven to be a prestigious and respected university for many years.

With over 153 options of majors to choose from, students attending the university can truly study close to anything. The options of majors range from accounting, to dance, to horse science, and anything in-between. Even with the large number of students, incoming freshman are not lost in the crowd. For those having a hard time deciding on a field of study, Ohio State has set up a program called the First Year Experience, or FYE. This program serves many purposes. FYE not only helps students decide on a preferred major, but it also helps freshman feel more “at home” and more comfortable during their transition into college. It also introduces some of the hundreds of organizations and clubs offered to the students. These organizations include anything from charity groups, to intramural sports, to book clubs. With a high retention rate of 93%, this FYE program has proven to be a small portion of what makes Ohio State so successful.

The location of Ohio State is also a large factor as to why it is a great option for many people. Ohio State, which is located in Columbus, is the heart of shopping, business, sports, and other activities ideal for college students. Unlike some other cities in Ohio, one can always find something to do in Columbus. Restaurants, sports arenas, shopping centers, and movie theaters are not hard to come across in the city. Students who attend Ohio State will be hard pressed not to find something to do each and every day.

If the incredible amount of majors, the location, or the respected reputation does not sell the idea of attending the Ohio State University, then the atmosphere and the overwhelming family-like feeling that is given off around the campus is surely to do it. Ohio State’s atmosphere may be described as being full of school spirit and excitement. At no other school that I have visited have I felt such an immense amount of pride in the faculty and students. It is clear that everyone who is a part of the university is proud to be an Ohio State Buckeye. Generations of alumni support the school, showing that they clearly feel as though they were taken care of throughout their years as a student at the school.

The future that Ohio State has to offer to its students is undeniably a successful one. Students looking for the right college for them should definitely keep Ohio State in mind. Visiting the campus and listing all of the pros and cons of the school should surely help with the decision process. Although Ohio State may not be right for everyone, I think that anyone who attends will have very positive feelings of his or her experiences there.

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