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   Weston, MA: Senior year is one filled with deadlines, future decisions, and lots of pressure! It's hard enough deciding on just what college you want to apply to in the first place, let alone filling out all the applications on time. A good way to get an idea of what colleges you'd like to consider is simply to take time out to visit some.

To help narrow my choices, I visited Regis College in November for both a tour and an interview. Regis is a small Catholic college located in the beautiful and serene setting of Weston and is only 15 minutes from downtown Boston. It's a small school of 800 women, and has an absolutely gorgeous campus.

A Regis student took me on a tour of the grounds and showed me just about everything: the classrooms, the cafeteria, the library, and the dorms. Regis is equipped with its own swimming pool and radio station, and has the most up-to-date facilities.

Aside from the beautiful grounds, it also has many other good features. Being small and all women, Regis has an advantage. A lot of people might make the judgment that there's no social life or any fun at an all-women school. First of all, statistics show that the most successful women have graduated from women's colleges, especially in the field of communications, which I plan on entering. Secondly, Regis holds dances and parties every Friday night, where guys from surrounding colleges (including Bentley, Babson, and Boston College) usually outnumber Regis women. The good part of Regis is that it's located in a quiet, rural setting, and, at the same time, is conveniently near the exciting city life of Boston. So, it's the best of both worlds.

Following my tour, I had an interview. The woman who interviewed me was very personable and easy to talk to. We discussed my four years of high school, my future plans, and my feelings about Regis. The interview lasted 45 minutes and went very well. At first I felt nervous as if this interviewer were going to analyze me, and every mistake would threaten my chances of acceptance. But soon I felt right at home and quite comfortable and realized there was nothing to worry about.

I advise all you college-bound students not to put off going for some tours and/or interviews because they really do help in making that final decision later on. n

Reviewed in 1992

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