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University of Michigan

August 31, 2010
By dynastysd BRONZE, Ramsey, New Jersey
dynastysd BRONZE, Ramsey, New Jersey
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Arriving in Michigan on a warm, spring day, I was unsure of what to expect. I constantly tried to remind myself not to be swayed by the sunny weather, as it is hardly ever sunny and pleasant during the school year in Ann Arbor. The city itself is intertwined with the campus, simultaneously offering a city school feel and a campus feel. Although students have to take buses from class to class, the city is vibrant, young, and filled with cutlture and every type of restaurant imaginable. After spending the day in the city and the night in a hotel, I headed out to the Admissions office in the morning for an information session and a campus tour. The Admissions Rep was extremely enthusiastic and filled the room with plenty of energy (which was good because most of us were still half asleep). She showed an Admissions video presentation which was nicely made and relatively informative. The tour was quite informative as well, and quelled any questions or concerns I had. However, most of my opinions and insight came from simply walking around the university campus without tour guides. Aside from the top notch academics and Division 1 athletics, walking around provided a time for me to see past the numbers and facts. During this time, I noticed that the students are full of school spirit and almost everyone is wearing his or her school apparel, and many people set up stands on the "Diag" for various groups, causes, or events. I was lucky enough to catch a performance of a group called Groove, which played drums on trash cans; combining dance and rhythm with drumming. Overall, I felt that the University of Michigan offered the complete package: top ranked academic programs in every field, research and internship opportunities, top caliber athletics with championship teams in virtually every sport, and a motivated and united student body.

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