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The Blisse Quest

August 31, 2011
By Kenniekonglee PLATINUM, Ampang, Other
Kenniekonglee PLATINUM, Ampang, Other
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My name is Don, I am on a secret mission that involves saving the world from the evil Dark King. My friends Krieg, Leo and Bea are along my side helping me with this important quest. Our Goal is to find the mystical stone called The Crystal Flower that weakens the Dark King’s magic and stop him from controlling Blisse, our world.

To finish our mission we must find a piece of the key from the five countries of Blisse, the key will open the portal hiding the fragile but powerful Crystal Flower. We carry the last hope to a beautiful, peaceful world filled with happy people. Krieg is a big and strong man who used to be a castle guard, Leo is a young archer, Bea is a tough but sweet girl who grew up in the wild and knows how to communicate with trees, and me? I am a boy who knows how to use a sword and fight. Together, we are a strong team, and good friends.

Every day, we travel from country to country seeking the key pieces. In our quest we need to hide from or fight Glarks, the guards created from the Dark King himself. The only way to defeat those lifeless things is to stab them right where our belly button is positioned. We have to defeat a guardian that guards the key piece whenever we get close to each piece, the guardians are scary monsters also created by the Dark King.

Finally, we got all the pieces of the key, joining them all together it looks like a kind of flower. Suddenly, the key began to glow, a bright light blinded our eyes. The next thing we know we are in a different land, not far from us was the Crystal Flower! It was the most beautiful thing in all of Blisse! It was so breath taking that we almost forgot why we were there for.

Suddenly, Leo grabbed the Crystal Flower before we could and gave a sinister laugh. He said: “Finally! What my master always wanted. Now I could finally quit this nice behavior and go back to my old self.” We realized that he was a spy sent by the Dark king. We couldn’t believe it, our friend had betrayed us. I tried to hold back my tears and let my anger or my sword out and fight him, we had to shut down all our emotions and defeat him. It was hard, but we succeeded in pain.

We used the Crystal Flower to defeat the Dark King and millions of Glarks together with the brave soldiers of Blisse. We restored the world to peace, but we were not as happy as the others because I, Krieg and Bea will always miss the old Leo who was and always will be a good friend in our hearts.

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a nice adventure ...

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