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Unaccompanied Secrets

January 1, 2008
By Anonymous

Part 1
“I know you… you are so sweet, smart. Why would l leave you? I don’t want a blond ditz freak, some people think you’re an idiot but I like you” he says with a smile. My heart was beating 60 times a minute a bewildered face emerged from my face” I…”I was so…. flabbergasted. ”Who are you?” I managed to speak at last. “I am…

I woke from my alarm clock. I HAD THE DREAM AGAIN!!!!!!!!!! I had let out an annoyed sigh and looked at the time; 7:05 was digitized on the screen. I almost forgot what day it, was the first day of school. Uncle Clive, had to leave early for a conference, he is the manager for Union Enterprises, and the edgy one. Other than that, was still annoyed of the dream. My door opened and it was Constance Chang, our maid who can’t hear very well because her high school boyfriend threw a rock at her because she spit on him. “Penelope time to brush teeth”, she say holding her ear, technically “Time to brush your teeth, Penelope.” I got up and brushed my teeth and took a shower. I thought about the boy in my dream, I haven’t met him before and I think he was going to stalk me, but he was twelve or eleven or a midget.

I put on my new clothes and went down stairs; I saw the ocean of Beverly Hills in the kitchen window. “Pancakes or getting cold.” Constance hollered. Again, the pancakes are getting cold. I went into the dinner room and joined Constance and Warren. Warren is our driver, who drove me everywhere, and been on my side in emergences with projects, and last minute play rehearsals, and of course my parents collision. He came from London , and tells me about his whereabouts. “So Pen you ready to bag up a new year eh?” Warren spited out in his food “Ummm...- “O come on now you a seventh grader, who will more know about life, friends, and the birds and the bees!” He exclaimed. I had the baffled face, but he had a smile of a chimp. I ate my pancakes at last, got my backpack, and my Mp3 Player. I got outside to see the alluring sun, which was having a party with the clouds. I got into the black Lincoln , which Warren drives. We left that second when I got into the car, I gazed upon the clouds and the sun, which made my eyes hurt. We came upon a stop, that a car had blocked my dazzlement. I was about to turn around until I saw the guy in the backseat. He was wearing a baseball cap looking at his parent’s direction on the road, but wait he had light skin the midget had light skin. I couldn’t believe what I had seen….

It was him …
Chapter 2

“Oh....my.....god, that's HIM!” I say under my breath. It was he, the…. midget. No, god no! He is not a midget you blasting fool! I yelled in my head. I was frozen in fear my mouth covered in horror, no no no no “Ms. Amarantine are you all right?” Yes Warren .” Trying to act smooth. But the green light came that second and the car drove ahead of us. Moreover, we followed it. Was that him? Was that with a serendipitous act of nature? I was shell shocked by acts of that I didn’t notice that I was at school already.” Ms. Amarantine you new school and new year await.” As he got out the car and opened the door for me, I looked at the sign of the school: Horace Mann Middle School was making me read 1,000 times. I looked at my watch, then to the building. I looked at the huge gates, feeling uneasy I wanted to skip school but …my sense of right and wrong says no. They’re easily no one outside so I was unaccompanied. So I was there my heart beats 60 times a minute. But then I heard some footsteps. Stalkers aren’t usually a around here, but they always have them on the news, trashing talkers and stalkers. The footsteps gotten closer my hands became fist. I counted up to six to give the pervert what he dished up. 1…2…3…4.Then a hand was on my shoulder. “Hey, wheres…
SIX!!!!!I whirled around and punched him fast and hard on the chest. Then I backed away and got my pepper spray and sprayed in his eyes MY EYES!!!!!!!!!!!!! He hollered. While he was holing his eyes and moaning I kicked him in the left shin. I took a bold fighting pose. Take tha ….my macho was buried with embarrassment. The pervert was holding his chest, it actually wasn’t a pervert, it was him…..

Chapter 3

AAAAAGGGGGG!!! The boy screamed as holding his chest and at me then I helped him up. I was immobile looking in horrification I saw the guy holing his chest like holding a dead cat. I’m so sorry…I tried to explain but said “Its alright you were protecting yourself” he even managed a smile, and I smiled too but in thanking god that he wasn’t hurt real bad we came upon a grown up saying “Why aren’t you in class?” She asked us. “Were, new. ” I answered her. “Oh come with me, I will give your schedule.” She led us to her offices, which were only 5 steps away. She went behind her desk shuffling though papers “What are your names?” she asked us like boot campers. “Penelope Amarantine” I answered. “Gregory ’Amsterdam ’ Folklore-the third” I stared at him in astonishment. I never heard of a name from a black boy. I didn’t think it was abnormal, but he had honey-liked skin. The next thing I know the lady had giving us our agenda, “My name is Debra Villa, the principal” giving us a handshake. We looked at each other and our scheduler. We had all classes together. We thanked her and went to our classes.

“You must be Penelope and Amsterdam, I’m Ms. Hernia, and you’re English teacher. Class we have new students, say hello to Penelope Amarantine, Amsterdam Folklore. “Hello” the most “enthusiastic” class ever says. Take those two seats there by Cassandra and Francesca. I took one near the blond who was writing with her pencil, and then she looked up and smiled at me. She took out a piece of paper and put on my desk. “This is the table seating.” she said, beaming. “Could you take that a break? Everybody knows about it” a boy shouted. “Shut up Victor!! Cassandra says throwing a eraser at his head while the teacher wasn’t looking at us. “Sorry, looking back at me in a grin, old rivals”. She gave me the table seating chart. It had the table of the jocks, wannabes, Goths, the roadsters, geeks, the hopeless feelers (eating there feelings away), and the last table of the most outside of the cliques were called the Unaccompanied Rebels, and last and not least, Mad Mizrahi at the center of all of the tables. After the teacher told about her self, the bell rang I went to go find Amsterdam when I found him he was sort of limping of where I kicked him, but he was holding his chest like holding a dead rat.

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