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My Mother's Murder

April 16, 2008
By Anonymous

“So why did you kill her?” The Elderly psychiatrist questioned
“Why did I murder my own mother? It was an accident. I turned around and thought it was.” I paused for a moment, “Someone else.”
“Who did you think it was?”
“The one who was fallowing me,” I said as I grasped a pillow close to my chest.
“Someone was fallowing you?”
I exclaimed, “Not someone. Something.”
“I could remember it like it was only an hour ago. The date was February 23rd, 2001. I was about 14 years old. It was a calm snowy morning. The sun started to seep though my bedroom window. Then I heard a sound that came from my bedroom wall. The noise was lowed enough to wake me up. This was not the sound of the pipes running or the thermostat heating up. I have never heard my wall make any type of noise like that before.
I sat at the edge of my blue bed, rubbed my eyes, and put on a pair of white socks. I went to the wall and put my ear against it. “Fewm.” There it was again. But this time it was more of a doors closing swoosh. I opened my bedroom door to see of my parents were home. As I wandered around my house I came to realize that I was the only one home. I decided to think that they had to go to work early that morning. I glanced up at the clock and it was a quarter till nine. I eased my way back up the staircase to go back to sleep.
As I slumped up the staircase I Then I remembered that it did not heard a slow deep breathing sound coming from the spot that I had passed only a few moments ago. I started to skip a stair as I kept walking up. At that moment I realized that what ever it was, it was fallowing me. As I went faster, the sound came closer. I ran to my room and slammed the door behind me. matter if I shut my door. It was coming from inside the walls. I flung open the door, ran downstairs and out the front door with only my boxers on. At least the noise could not get me out here. But now I have a new problem. I was outside with only my boxers on. I gathered up enough courage to go back inside. I tried to open the door but it was locked. So all I could do was wait till my mom came home.

After about five minutes or so I saw my moms car zoom into the driveway. I thought oh great what it she going to think when she sees that I’m out here with only my boxers on in the middle of winter. She opened the door and started to yell. “Tyler! What in gods name! Get inside this instant young man!” She snatched my arm and hurled me to the door. I did not think I should tell her about the noise or else she would send me to a crazy house. I hid behind my mom as we walked inside. I slowly stepped into the house with my cold feet. But the sound was gone! I was so confused. I went upstairs to go change in to some clothes.
As I walked up to my room I tried to think of why the noise was gone now. Ever since my mom came home it has not been starting up. But before, I was alone.

The next day was February 24t. I woke up praying that both of my parents were still home. I ran downstairs and looked around. I found my parents in the kitchen fixing up some serial for me. I guess my parents had to go to some busy conventions for work because they were both dressed up like sales men/lady. I pleaded to tag along with them but they said, “no it is to busy and you would get bored.” They waved goodbye to me as they walked out of the garage door. I went to a window to watch the dark blue mini-van pull out of the long drive way and cruse off. Once again, I was home alone.”
“So what did you do to escape from, the noise, this time?” The psychiatrist asked impatiently sitting at the edge of his seat. It seemed that he was getting into my story.
“Well this time I decided not to run. I was going to try and defeat it. I grabbed my dads’ enormous metal wrench that he had hung on a loop in the garage, a butcher knife that was in the kitchen, and my moms’ bottle of mace. When I gathered all my things I set them down on the kitchen table, sat in a chair, and waited.
I was sitting there with my supplies for about a minute and then the noise started. I got up, grabbed my wrench and gripped it in my right hand. I heard the sound or doors swooshing open rapidly and the breeze that you get when someone ran past you. It was coming write towards my kitchen wall. I swung the metal wrench at the wall and made a big dent. I missed the noise. The noise kept coming. I swung a second time. This time I think I got it. As I was just about to do my victory dance, the sound punched the wall and part of the wall came flying towards me. I dodged it quickly and luckily got out of the way. I struck the wall again with full force. A long, dreadful pause past and then, “Whoosh!” It punched a long line out of the wall. Then I thought maybe I cannot attack it from the other side of the wall. Maybe I have to attack it from inside. I swung my wrench at the wall a couple times just so I could fit through to the other side. I grabbed my supplies. Butcher knife dangling from my back belt loop, mace in my left pocket and metal wrench held tightly in my right hand. Then I made my way through the thick blue kitchen wall.
Once I made my way through the wall past all the wires and plaster, the only thing I could find was darkness and a creepy silence that lurked every corner. As I swiftly went through the walls, I passed some more pipes and wires. Suddenly I heard a noise. I stopped in an instant. The noise was about 500 feet in back of me. I turned around and went back the other way. Then it stopped. I heard it from the other direction again. I turned around again. But there was nothing there. Once more I heard the sound from behind me. I turned quickly and then some thing went straight threw me. It was like a big gust of wind that felt like an 18 year old tackle. But this was not a person. The wind just went straight threw me, I fell, and I was unconscious.
I was lying there on the ground for about 10 minutes or so. But, when I woke up I was not in the same spot that I was when I fell. I could not even tell if I was still in the walls. I was in a dark room. There was a door on the other side of the room that I could just barely see. I got up and tried to walk but my feet were chained to the floor. Someone or something was opening and walking into the doorway. It was a tall figure with a long black robe on and a hood over his head. I grasped on to my butcher knife that was still securely hooked onto my back belt loop. The being approached slowly like a lion about to catch its prey. I nervously looked around my feet to find something to open the locks on my ankles. It was coming closer. Then when I was just about to give up, I found the key. I quickly picked it up with my trembling hands and shoved it into the keyhole. My ankles were free and I ran as fast as I could out the door.
When I ran out of the door I was back in the walls. I did not know which way I had to go to get out so I just ran. I jumped over sets of pipes and wires but then, there was this humongous set of wires coming up ahead of me. Since I was running at full speed I decided to try to make and land the jump. I ended up jumping to late and I tripped over the wires. The wires ripped out of their circuits. Since my feet and ankles were tangled in the wires, I got electrocuted. Once again I was unconscious in the walls.
I was out for about an hour then I woke up. I looked around and I was home. Not inside the walls of my home. I was in the middle of my living room. I still had all my supplies except my wrench because that probably flew out of my hand when I tripped. I got up and brushed my chest and legs off and I started to walk towards the kitchen. Then I heard something walking up behind me. My first reaction was to grab my butcher knife and pull it out slowly. The noise stopped and it was right behind me. It was breathing at a heart racing speed. When my butcher knife was out of my belt loop and in my hand, I turned around fast and sliced the beings neck all at one time. It went so fast that I did not even see whom I was trying to kill. I just assumed it was the being that was fallowing me but then, I saw that I cut my mothers throat. I dropped the knife and fell to my knees. My eyes grew wide and realized what I had done. I was in shock. I was so sure that it was the being that was behind me. I started to burst out into tears. Blood was everywhere and my mom was on the floor, dead.
My dad came running upstairs two minutes after he heard the bang of the fall. All he saw was me, a butcher knife, and my mom dead witch blood flowing out of her throat and seeping onto the carpet. So my dad got the wrong idea. He started to back away from me and went to the phone and called the ambulance and the police. All I could do was sit there and cry.”
The psychiatrist looked at me with his big wrinkly eyes with shock.
“You did all of that?”
“Yes sir. Like I said it was a complete accident.”
“Well you do not seem that upset about it.”
“That is because I got over it in the past years. No one believes me that it was an accident. If the police, my dad, and my friends were there with me the whole time they would have known. So since my dad did not believe me he sent me here. And the police sent me to an intervention. A.K.A crazy house.”
“Well does the being still make those noises in your walls?”
“No. Ever since the moment I killed my mother, it’s been gone. It’s just like it wanted me to kill her. Maybe it was. Planed.”

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on Jan. 11 2011 at 10:10 am

This was actually kind of bad. The grammar was weird and it didn't really make sense. But you are a good writer and you seem to have dreams. Don't get down on yourself for this comment you have such great ideas but you need the skill... but I know you can gain the skill. Keep trying becasue I love you and everyone loves you for who you are!!

I love you.

on Jul. 15 2010 at 10:04 pm
AbysmallyAbstracted PLATINUM, Mountains, Colorado
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This is pretty good. Nice imagery. But your grammar is all over the place. Your spelling needs some revision. But it was cool.

KelsN said...
on Mar. 24 2009 at 10:56 pm
I loved how you used vivid imagery. I also love the idea of how Tyler was so caught up in the fear of the thing that he didn't even register the fact that he was killing not it, but his mother. Overall, amazing work!!!! I loved it!!!! :)