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July 6, 2012
By callmeike SILVER, Denver, Colorado
callmeike SILVER, Denver, Colorado
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There was three detectives in the room with the man of about 23 years of age. He was booked in last night for a double homicide. If David hadn’t been briefed beforehand, he wouldn’t have assumed that he was a Trayton company’s robot. Although he did have a distinct sort of flare in his eyes that was unhuman-like.
Most of the police officers were outside of the cylindrical interrogation room. This one was modified for any of the robots that “Didn’t know their place.” The room had reinforced one way mirrors, all stainless steel lining, and electric flooring that could short circuit any robot that came in contact with it.
David had known why this particular robot had created such a controversial uproar within the society. Unlike most of the incidents where robots had injured humans, this one was intentional.
David like most of the police force, was curious about what he had to say so he went over to the interrogation room. As soon as he could see the robot it looked directly back at him through the one way mirror. A little startled David stepped back one step. The detectives tried to regain the robot’s attention but his luminous green eyes were fixated on David. The robot started to rock around in the chair, eagerly trying to break the handcuffs that were restraining him to the steel chair. The detectives walked out the room. As they got outside and locked the door, one of the men motioned for another police officer to pull the lever that David only suspected would short circuit the robot. The lever came down with a loud thud and the room filled with a bright light. He was still struggling to get the handcuffs off of his wrists. There was a certain displeasure that he was expressing that one could easily confuse with a human’s emotion.
“Ten seconds in and he still isn’t offline?” The detective said, “Give him some more juice then.” The room was now buzzing, and the hair on David’s arms began to stand, so he stepped back some more. The room filled with smoke from the artificial skin burning. Just then the robot broke away from the handcuffs that were holding his arms and tore off the ones holding his ankles.
“Go to full power!” The arrogance in the detective’s voice vanished and was an anxious cry. The robot was slowly walking towards the door gripping onto the handle and shoving his shoulder in it with so much force that the metal was denting with every thrust. The officers that were watching him get electrocuted as a form of entertainment were now questioning whether or not that the guns that they clenched so tightly in their hands would protect them.
The metal door flew into the hallway wall, and everyone awaited for what was coming next. The robot bursted out of the room with incredible speed, running across the wall, he managed to swiftly dodge most of the bullets that were fired at him. With each officer he touched he left a new burn mark. He quickly overpowered most of the officers before coming to David which he then subdued.
“Do not force me to harm Mr. Harris.” David and all of the officers that were still conscious were shocked that he knew who he was. “We will be leaving in one of your squad cars and you will not follow us.” The robot commanded and started to lead David by the back of his collar to the entrance of the police station. They reached a car with the group of officers still following them. The robot ripped off the front door and rashly threw David into the passenger seat. He saw that there was already a set of keys in the ignition, and there was no radio. This seemed all too easy for the robot to escape. They hastily sped down the road.
“Gimme the plate number of that car and track it down!” The Chief demanded.
“Sir, those plates don’t match any of our cars.”

“Then search for anything that’s on the road, we’re going to get that bot.”

“Where are you taking me?” David asked sternly.

“We are in dire need of your assistance Mr. Harris.” He ignored the question.

“Need? Need me for what?”

He looked calmly into David’s eyes and in all earnestness said; “For the sake of humanity, Mr. Harris.”

The author's comments:
I've been wanting to write something like this for a while and I've finally completed the first part of (hopefully) many to come.

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