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By Anonymous

   Mr. Murphy can you hear me?" said the nurse.

"Ohhh!! Where am I?"

"You're in the hospital," said the nurse as she stood by his bed.

"What hospital-why?" John Murphy let out a loud moan as he tried to move his broken leg. Confusion shown on his face, as if he had just began his existence. He could not remember anything not even his own name.

"You're in the Johnson Hospital in Pittsburgh," the nurse replied.

"Why am I here?"

"You were in a terrible car accident. You almost got killed."

"I was? When?" he said confused.

"Don't you remember anything?" asked the nurse.

"Not even my own name," he said despairingly. "I don't even know who I am."

"Your name is John Murphy. We found your license in your pocket when the ambulance brought you here to the hospital. We called your house to see if anyone was there - maybe your wife - but no one was there. Apparently you have no relations, and nobody who might know you has come forward to identify himself," said the nurse dryly.

"Oh God, what's happening to me?" John broke down into tears. The nurse came over to him, took his hand, rested it on her lap and rested his head on her chest.

"Don't worry," said the nurse, tenderly. "Everything will be all right. The doctor said that if you lost your memory because of your concussion, you might eventually get it back. The best thing for you to do," she said while resting his head on the pillow, "is sleep. You might gain your memory back through dreams."

"I guess you're right. I can't do anything else but sit here with my broken leg," said John languidly.

"That's better," said the nurse affectionately as she patted him on the head, and stroked his hair gently.

"When you wake up, call me and I'll come and see how you are. Just ask for Sarah."

"O.K. ... Sarah," he said cautiously.

"O.K. I'll see you later," she said as she walked out the door.

John moaned, tossed his head back on his pillow and looked at the ceiling despondently. He soon fell into a deep sleep, but it was a very unpleasant one.

He remembered being at someone's house. And to his horror he saw a dead man, a puddle of blood surrounded his head. Next John was driving along a dark road, he saw his car slam into a tree and his body fly through the windshield, he woke up with a start. He rang the nurse's bell frantically and yelled for Sarah. She came rushing in.

"What is it?" she panted.

"I just saw a man in my dream ... he was dead ... blood everywhere ... crash ... tree ... I flew out of ... car ...," he spoke in a delerious frenzy.

She came to him and put her arm around him. "There, there," she said softly, "don't worry it's only a dream."

"It was horrible, I'm so scared!" he gasped.

"Don't worry, I'm here. I won't let anything happen to you," she softly said with a soothing smile.

"Th...thanks, I don't want to be alone ... please stay."

"All right, I will, but you sleep."


He rolled over and soon fell asleep again. He was dreaming of the man again, this time he saw himself striking the man with a brick on the back of the head. The man fell unconscious next to the fireplace. He then saw himself replace the brick on the hearth in the empty spot near the man's head. He saw himself bending over the man and injecting air in him, which sent the man into violent spasms and killed him. Then he saw himself getting thrown through the windshield again. He awoke with a start.

"What is it?" said Sarah gently, as she moved to his side.

"I think I killed a man the night I got into the car accident. I hit him on the head and when he fell, I injected something into him ... he died!" said John, frantically.

"Don't worry, it's just a bad dream," said the calming voice of Sarah as she patted him on the shoulder. "Go back to sleep, it will calm you. You'll just make yourself nervous if you stay awake."

"All right," quavered John. "But stay here again, okay?"


He soon fell asleep and the same dream entered his mind. This time he saw himself leave the room where the dead man lay. At that same moment he saw Sarah open the outer door and enter the room. When she saw the dead man she cried his name, ran to him and fell on her knees and wept beside him. He thought he remembered Sarah glimpse at him as he ran out the back of the house. Then he saw himself speedily driving down the dark road and get thrown through the windshield again, not far from the dead man's house. Then he woke again as he felt something touch him.

"Huh!! What's going on? Why am I strapped down? I can't move!" he said, totally bewildered, as he struggled to free himself.

The countenance on Sarah's face had changed from compassion to that of malice and spite. She was carrying a needle full of air. "You killed him!" she raged.

"Killed who?"

"My husband!" she scowled. Her fiery eyes were fixed on him.

A feeling of horror and guilt overcame him as he remembered Sarah in his dream weeping over the dead man he had killed. "Oh my God! I'm sorry! I, I ..."

"Shut up!" she growled. "Now you have to pay!"

"What are you going to do to me?" he said as he shrunk from her when she approached him waving a needle.

"Kill you the way you killed my husband, with air injected in your veins. It will give you a heart attack and no one will be able to find out you were murdered. Just like you killed my husband!" she seethed as she veered towards him.

"No...No...Please!! I'll turn myself in!" he desperately pleaded.

"Too late. I wonder if air in your veins hurts." As she said this, a sadistic smile spread across her face. She came closer with the needle.

"NOOO!!!" he screamed. "AHHH..."

The air was injected.n

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i love this !

on Jun. 24 2010 at 8:15 am
K9_Typical_Islander SILVER, Koror, Other
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Hours of boredom followed by moments of excitement (and adrenaline)- that's fishing

I liked how you had that strike-3 element. Where he woke up 3 times and each awakening from his dream getting worse and real. Also how Sarah deceived him as a nurse and tell him about his personal background- helping herself, knowing that nobody would miss him. Just curious~ his murder was not manslaughter, so what was his motive?

on Mar. 21 2009 at 11:29 am
ThereIsAlwaysHope GOLD, Belfast, Other
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'Miles to go before I sleep'
- Robert Frost

I liked it, but, I think you should put a little more detail in there. But overall, it was pretty awesome. x