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Titan War

November 8, 2007
By Anonymous

“The village is burning. Were under attack!” Yelled a man in the distance. Roran awoke to a dripping sluice. There was intense heat and light. Roran’s parents came blasting in the door.
They said, “Roran, you must run.” Then he heard a laugh. This was no laugh of joy it was an evil laugh almost as if the laugh came from the devil himself. Then he heard a voice that sent a shiver to Roran’s spine and chilled him to the bone.
The voice was shrill and cold. It said, “I am the Titan King, lord of all evil. Flee from me.” Then a hiss came from what sounded like a giant serpent. The Titan King said, “Attack my minions. Show your master respect.”

He was pushed out the door and his parents had to drag him to the barn. They pushed Roran in the barn it was dark and moist and his parents had him saddle their horse named Codac. The horse was a midnight black, so he was good at escaping in the dead of night. Then as they sped out of the barn, Roran turned toward the fight but his parents yelled, “You must run. You will not fight because we order you to turn and run.” Roran obeyed his parents and fled
even though he felt like a coward.
Before he was in the forest he turned and saw his parents. There was someone approaching them from behind and he wanted to yell but it was too late. The man had just murdered his parents. The shock made his sight change so he could see better which was worse for him. Their killer was the Titan King. He knew this because he was the only one that was dressed in black spiked armour and there was no helmet, but there was a hood and a cloak draped down his back his sword was red from blood that it had caused to spill. The Titan King looked up and saw Roran, The Titan King charged him. Roran turned back and raced into the woods as fast as he could and there in that forest was sorrow and the blackness of night. There was the putrid smell of smoke.

Roran was still a boy about seventeen and coming on adulthood he stood six feet tall and was well built with dirty blond hair and deep blue eyes. He loved to fish and then eat them. After he saw his parents being killed, something burned inside of him. He knew what it was even though it was new to him. He knew the feeling was the feeling of revenge. The only thing to do was go to the emperor, so he could get trained to kill the Titan King.

Roran turned his back on his old life and rode toward his new life. He rode through the black of night. Days passed his long tiring ride finally came to a stop. As he entered the great town of Sirens. Many stared as he past, amazed to see one on such an amazing horse like Codac. His black hair gleamed in the morning sun. When he came upon the palace, guards stepped forward and said, “What is your business, sir?”
Roran answered, “I wish to speak with the king. It is urgent. Tt is about my village. It was attacked by a man called the Titan King.”
The guards seemed to cower in fear. They elaborated, “You may enter, but do not expect to be treated any better than a farm animal.”

As Roran entered, he saw a huge room with a young king sitting in a throne. Roran said, “All hail the great King Iveren.”

The king answered, “What do you want peasant?”

“I wish to kill the Titan King and I need your help,” Roran replied.
“What makes you think you can kill Titan King. He could probably dismantle your body in ten seconds. Do you have any fighting skills?” Iveren asked.
“Yes, I have fist fighting skills,” Roran answered.
“That will not help you in a battle against a master of combat. What you need is a real weapon like a sword, and seeing as you don’t know how to use one of those and you don’ t have a teacher I-”

“I will teach him,” Said an old man who was in the room,“ my name is Aron. I have fought many battles under your rule. I even have had a fight with the Titan king himself and have been considered a swordsmen’s master.” He had a snowy colored beard and silver hair and looked well built.
“Ok, then I will let you teach him and seeing as he has no sword I will provide him one,” The king said.
The guards stepped forward and presented a sword. It was in the most elegant sheath ever. When Roran took the hilt, a cylindrical ruby sparkled at the bottom. As he drew the sword, he was amazed to see that the sword was sapphire blue. Roran stared at the king, amazed that he would give up such a beautiful creation.
The king smiled and as if he read Roran’s. Mind he said,“ I know it is amazing, but you will need it more than I.”

Aron said, “Your practice will begin tomorrow. Don’t bring your sword. What was your name?”
Roran answered,“ Roran, Roran Stronghammer.”
At that the king gave him his own housing for him and Codac. Roran decided to take a tour of the city. He found the shops, houses, talc mine, and he also saw a coppersmith.

Roran awoke to the sun in his face. As he got out of bed he walked to the dining room. He saw fruit and meat and cooked eggs and just then he remembered how hungry he was and next there were clean pants and a silk shirt. He changed and then sat down to enjoy his feast. After that he went to his lesson. He found Aron sitting on a bench near an open field.
As he approached, Aron turned and said,“ Are you ready to begin your lesson?”

Roran nodded and started to sit, but Aron pointed to the field. They sat in the field, and Aron told the story of his life and how he came be.
After that he told Roran to return to his housing. He found another amazing dinner waiting for him. The next few weeks Roran learned to slash, spin, defend, attack, use combos, and disarm.
Then the day came when he was to be evaluated by the king, Aron, and the village people. For his evaluation he was going to fight Aron his teacher. When it began, Roran waited to be attacked, and when it came, he was ready. He was forced to block countless combo moves Aron threw at him. Next he took the offense side and let out his own combo moves, and he knew that he had the advantage over Aron because he had a higher endurance level. He kept fighting until Aron showed signs of tiredness and Roran used a disarm move which worked only because Aron was tired. It was over and the king rated Roran as a sword master.

The next day Roran was called by the king to the palace where the king asked, “I asked you to come, so that I could ask you to lead my army to battle against the Titan King. Would you do that?”

Roran answered, “Yes, I would do that. When do I leave.”

“You leave tomorrow, so you can catch his army by surprise,” he answered.

The next day was a whirlwind because he left the town and began his journey to find the Titan King and his army. The days went by and no sign came until one day they came upon a clearing, and on the other side was the army of the Titan King. As they approached, an alarm went off and the Titan King’s army came forward. Before the fight began, Roran stipulated,“ Do not ponder the norms of war. These are no men, so fight for your families, for your kingdom, and for your lives. ARCHERS FIRE!!” Roran’s army let lose a deadly rain of arrows. And then they clashed. The armies met in the middle of the field and hewed at each other. Then the Titan King’s pet came forth, and the giant serpent attacked Roran’s army. He knew he had to act, so he approached the snake and climbed onto its back. The serpent went crazy and whipped itself side to side but Roran drove his sword deep into its side and it thrashed with pain. It finally managed to fling Roran off and it turned on him. Roran was forced to dodge countless lunges and bites the snake threw at him. Roran tried to attack but it bit him in the leg and pain ripped through his body. There was no blood, but it still hurt because the armor he was wearing had been dented and bashed his skin. When the snake attacked again. Roran was ready. He rolled to his side and stabbed it in the eye. When it attacked again. He did the same thing and took out the other eye, and he knew it was over, but it still attacked. Roran took his sword and stabbed it right through the roof of the abomination’s mouth.

After it fell to the ground, he saw the Titan King approaching. He was cutting through countless solders, and Roran stood. He knew he had to fight him before he took out the whole army, which he could probably do.

The Titan King must have seen him coming because he said, “ Come face your doom, child.”

As Roran approached, he said, “I am no child.”

The Titan King stepped forward and swung his sword, and when it collided with Roran’s sword, it sent a tremor up Roran’s arm. Right then he knew it was going to be tough, and that he was out matched in strength, but had the advantage of speed. Roran sped forward and slashed only to hit solid steel of the Titan King’s sword. The Titan King took another down swing and Roran side stepped, but the Titan King changed direction. Roran tried to jump out of the way, but the sword still skimmed his side, and he cried out as pain jolted through him. He fell to the ground as the Titan King stood over him. As he raised his sword over him, Roran swung his sword at the Titan Kings leg. He managed to lay the blow and the Titan King came to his knees. Roran stood. He denounced, “ I expected more from a king.” Roran pulled back his sword. Then he brought it through the Titan King’s head, his body slumped to the side. There had been mega-death on both sides.

Roran now noticed that the Titan army was fleeing, and his army was shouting over their win. The journey home was long and hard because of his side injury. When he returned, there was a huge banquet. It ended and Roran decided to stay in the city and live his life in peace. His name went down in history because he was the one that rid the world of the lord of evil.

The End

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