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November 19, 2008
By jadenex246 SILVER, Sunapee, New Hampshire
jadenex246 SILVER, Sunapee, New Hampshire
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“You are a dark silhouette against a yellow sky failing at trying to hide!”
I pronounce to the vibrant colored monster.
Arms reaching out
as if to attack

any moment.

I can see the arrogance run through your branches.
Scattering across your impetuous surface,

the little critters barely concern you.

You stand still,
completely motionless.
Yet so alive.

You’re an effervescent monster,
but a victim to all these Peepers,
who’ve never seen something so beautiful
in something terribly dying
as they do with you.

“It is merely a chlorophyll lacking tree,” you whisper to me.
Your moist breath tickles my ear.

“I was looking at the beauty beneath it. The kind hiding inside waiting for someone to pick out the differences. There’s nothing else worth being found but those astonishing parts. When the world seems so backwards sometimes,
it’s the only thing that makes sense,” I reply to him.

Your puzzled eyes question me.
“How can you see something like that in a tree?”
Mocking words ready to flee
from your mouth.
But then you do the most amazing thing.

at the tree, you practically spit:
“It’s the end of the world,
but your arms are still outstretched
to the singularity above.
Highly contrasting against
vivacious colors of sky.
How are you so happy when
your falling leaves are barren and dull?
Repellent and flaky to the touch?

Yet, you are so brash and bold
playing with those peepers’ minds

only to become so deceiving.
You always hold beauty in your knots,
never failing to pilfer imaginations

that are functioning.
By just looking through you
anyone can see something divine

in your unattractive.

I see it now,
it’s like separate chapters
for every discrete piece of life.
Each chapter possesses something new
to be uncovered.”

Taking her hand, they walked away from that monster.
Ready to encounter new marvels
awaiting them down the path.
Never had they seen something so exquisite
in something that was slowly fading
as they did on that day.

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