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January 15, 2015
By rosevomit BRONZE, Cornish, Utah
rosevomit BRONZE, Cornish, Utah
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That window is magic.
Every time I pull back the blue blind,
I look out into the parking lot, the truth, lit by streetlights,
and my nose tingles and tickles
and the ice in my eyes melts.
I could leave, I could run, go AWOL,
but where to?
This isn’t my home, this isn’t Baltimore.
That window is magic,
I could open it and run,
but it freezes whenever I look through it,
like when I took ketamine, horse tranquilizer,
to get rid of the ice in my eyes.
That window is magic,
an unpassable threshold.
That window is magic,
pulling me in every night,
drawing me into panic.
And I’ll keep staring at it,
staring at the truth,
’til I’m blind.

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XxFuzzyxX BRONZE, Lehi, Utah
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Wow, this poem is so full of meaning. I like the metaphors and how you depict the coldness of reality. AND I see that you received Editors Choice on this one. Teach me to write oh wise one!