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Glistening Noon Chapter 3

August 1, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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I walked back down to my car and drove to the contacts store. It was hard to find considering that it was in the middle of know where and that I had only been there once. I pulled into the parking lot at Sally’s Contacts store and saw the black Mustang. I considered turning around but I knew that Debbie would be mad at me if I came back empty handed. I took a few deep breaths and walked into the store. They were all crowded around the table and turned to me when I came. I gasped. All of their eyes were red in the center and were gleaming like Ruby. I started to turn around and a boy was beside me. Incredibly fast. He had spiky black hair with some faded blonde streaks in them i looked down at his muscles for a internally prayed that he was real. Then i saw his eyes.

“Why are your eyes red?” I think I sounded a little scared because he started laughing at me.

“Oh! These are just are contacts. They messed up our order and gave us red.”

“Oh.” I could feel my cheeks getting hotter and hotter. He started laughing at me again.

“It’s nothing to be embarrassed about. It was just a mistake.”

“It is embarrassing though.” He laughed again.

“That’s not funny I’m serious!”

“I’m not laughing at you, you’re just really cute and adorable I never noticed that before.”

My cheeks got cooler and I felt better maybe because I just got called cute by a super hot guy. A girl came over to where we were talking and linked her arm in the boy's. She had long black hair to her feet and her eys were also red. She was-as was the boy-abnormally gorgeous. He shook her arm off him and she linked them together again. This time he slapped it off and she didn’t put it back on but just closed her eyes and I could see tears forming in them. I walked over to the counter and asked for the contacts for Debbie Lamone to get away from the awkward moment. I walked over to where the boy and the girl were standing and they both had their eyes closed and hands linked again. When I came over they opened their eyes, unlinked their hands, and sighed. The girl looked at the boy then where the others were at.

“I wish I never met you Kai Pattinson.”
so that was a Pattinson? I should of known do to the good looks.
Her voice was sad as she walked out of the store with the rest. I needed a good excuse to get out of this this.

“ I have to leave.”

It was the only excuse I had but he believed me. I walked to my car and saw the girl sitting on the hood of the Mustang with her face in her hands. A lot of guys came up to her but she held up her hand and they walked away. I decided not to interfere and got into my car. When I got to my house Debbie wasn’t there so I went straight to my room upstairs. I laid on the bed wandering about Paige. She didn’t seem like the meanest one anymore but the one with the most worries. I fell asleep soon enough and dreamed about the contacts store, the red eyes burning like fire, the girl crying on the Mustang, the bar, everything.

When I woke up I checked my clock. It took me a while to read the neon green numbers though. When I could finally see it read three in the morning. I got out of bed and went quietly downstairs and out the door. Trying not to wake Debbie I got into my car and headed for the beach trying not to wreck in all of the fog. I turned the corner and saw a deer run straight in front of my car. I stepped on the brakes, barely hitting it. After the deer there was a fast blur then nothing. I turned the car around and sped back home. I ran up the porch almost slamming the door behind me. I dressed in some better clothes, curled my hair, ate breakfast, and walked out the door again.

Three hours since I saw the deer and wolf and it was still haunting me. I parked my car at school and saw the usual black Mustang but this time there was a red Convertible so close to it they were almost touching. Hunter was outside the black Mustang sitting on the hood. Kai was in front of him talking and Logan was in his lap like a toddler. Hunter turned his head and saw me. He waved over at me to come and join them. I walked over to him and leaned on the hood of the Mustang.

“Hey Claire! What up? Haven’t seen you in a while.”

“Yah, I’ve been busy with Miki and Catherine. By the way do you know what class she transferred to?” He looked at me guilty.

“Oh, yah, well, she kind of left the school for a while she’s in… Idaho.”

“What why didn’t she tell me?!”

“Said she didn’t want to disappoint you. Sorry I didn’t tell you, but you’ve been kind of lost in some fantasy world. You haven’t talked to anyone for days. Catherine thought you were sick.” Logan looked like she was trying to hold back a laugh and Kai shot her a look that said “shut up” then turned to me.

“ Yah…um…you know in the store yesterday …I never got to introduce myself properly. I’m Kai and these are my brothers and sisters. Clide, Will, Maria, Logan, James, and Cynthia.” Logan looked at me and smiled. Paige cleared her throat. “ Oh yah, and she’s Paige but I would avoid her if I was you.” He started laughing and I did too. I looked at Paige-the girl that was crying on top of the car. Cynthia had cat like green eyes with a fiery red pixie cut hairdo. Will had the same honey hair as Clide but less muscular and in a different style. Yet they were all gorgeous.

I looked into Kai’s eyes and I swear I saw little pictures in them. I strained to look closer but Paige walked over and kissed him probably to stop my stares at his beauty. He just grabbed her wrist though and gently flicked it. She screamed in agony-thoguh i didn't know why- and cussed him out.

“I hate you Kai Pattinson! What happened to when you used to love me?! Why don‘t you love me anymore?! I‘m sick and tired of being held at gunpoint just because I do one thing wrong!”

That was random

Kai looked at me almost apologetic but it quickly passed.

“And you are?”

“Claire Lamone.” I spoke sweetly even though it didn’t mean to come out that way.

Hunter turned his head to Kai smiling.

“She’s from Kentucky hasn’t your family been there before?”

“ I don’t believe so Hunter.”

“You sure?”

“ Yes. I am.” Kai sounded mad now so Hunter pushed Logan off his lap and got off the car. He looked at me. “We better get going or Mr. David will kill us again.”

“I’m skipping today Ms. Maine doesn’t know a single think about history!” Maria’s voice was sweet and her Spanish accent made it sound even prettier. Then the picture of her with red contacts came in my mind and her voice know longer sounded beautiful. Cynthia who was crouched on top of the car like a cat suddenly spoke.

“ I’m ditching too Maria.” Cynthia’s voice had a German accent and almost sounded as much as a cat as she looked. Hunter walked me into school and into Mr. David’s classroom. Kai was with him and Mr.David called me over.

"Kai will sit with you since you don't have a partner."

I smiled. I must of died and gone to super model heavan.

I wasn’t paying any attention at all to the lesson when Mr. David call on me to answer a question.

“ Can you please repeat that?”

I sounded like such an idiot that I felt my cheeks getting hot. Again I spaced out though. I tried to look like I was thinking and then something came into my mind. “ The answer is M3.”

“ That is correct Claire. Good to know that you were listening.” I sighed in relief and heard Hunter sigh too. I knew he was a freak but that was weird. When the bell rang and walked out of the classroom Logan was outside the door waiting for someone. She waved to me.
“C’mon Claire lets go!”

“Where are you taking me?”

“I don’t know I just need to get away.”

“ Hey can I ask you a question?”

“ No time! Sorry!” She sounded worried then grabbed my arm and started pulling me. Her hand was burning hot like I stuck my arm in flames.

“Do they even make red contacts?”

“Yes, they do. We told you that.” She tried to sound angry at me but I could tell she was worried.

“ Oh… well…hey do wolves hunt deer? I saw a deer and then a blurry thing that was really fast.” Logan stopped running and turned to face me. I could sense the terror in her eyes.

“What time did you see this blurry thing?” Her voice was shaky.
“Around three in the morning today. Why?”

“Oh…just wanted to know…um…I.. have to go get my siblings. If you see another blurry thing tell me and fast!” She ran off and I walked to the cafeteria by myself, sitting at a table with Miki and Catherine. Miki as back and had all types of stories from Idaho. She had been gone for two months but it only seemed like two days. All I thought about was Logan though and I searched the cafeteria looking for her. I finally spotted her at a small round table with her family.

They weren’t eating anything but were talking in low whispers. Logan was talking to James and Kai. James didn’t look that interested but Kai looked so worried he could have been passed for being severely ill. He turned to me and shuddered then went back to discussing something with Logan. Miki tapped my shoulder.

“You haven’t seen me for two whole months and now you won’t even pay attention to me!” She sounded like Catherine now.

“ Sorry I felt sick.”

“Oh! Well then your forgiven!” She sounded like her happy cheery self again. When lunch was over I started going down the hall to my next class. Kai grabbed my shoulder and spun me around.

“Hey Claire you need to stay away from me and my family as much as possible. Possibly even Hunter, we’re too dangerous. I don‘t want you anywhere near us.” It was hard to focus on what he was saying because his grip was hard and his hands were ice cold. I finally got to my senses.

“What? Why what happened?”

“It’s just better that way.”

“Why Hunter then?”

“It’s just better that way. Don’t argue.”

“But why what did he do?”

“I said don’t argue now stay away from all of us, Claire.” I walked off and went to class. It all went by in a blur. There were more questions popping into my head and more sighs of relief from Hunter. When I got outside the Mustang was gone and Hunter was on top of my hood.

“Hey Claire! How was your day?”

“Horrible. Kai told me to stay away from him, his family, and even you! He said it was too dangerous.” He got off my car and started running to the red Convertible. When I got home I decided to walk through the woods. I was too upset to care about wolves attacking me. As I walked I got distracted about what Kai had said and how Hunter ran when I told him. There was a piercing scream that broke my thoughts. I ran toward the sound of the screams. I found myself in a clearing and Logan was in the middle curled into a ball.

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