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Glistening Noon Chapter 10

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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“Why are you covered in purple?”
“What are you talking about?”
“You’re all covered in stripes. I’m getting Kai.”
She walked away and to the field. She talked to someone then ran to Kai. He looked up at me when she reached him. He nodded his head and they walked back to me. Kai looked at me then him. He looked at the stripes we both had and laughed.
“What is so funny about this?!” I was mad at his reaction.
“It’s just a connection. Look.”
He ran his hand down my arm and another violet line ran down behind his fingers. He grabbed my hand and did to same to himself leaving a crimson line. He took his nail and scraped across his leg. I could feel it even though he didn’t touch me at all.
“Are you ready to go home or do you want to stay?”
“I don’t want any more pain so I guess you can take me home.”
“Let’s go then. I’ll just get Maria to change the weather and sign out of the tournament.”
“You won’t get your wish.”
“I don’t need it. And who told you? Logan?”
He put me back on his hip and grabbed Logan’s hand. He walked me back to the arena. He talked to Maria who gasped when she saw us. The weather turned to snow and Kai turned to a booth. He set me down and grabbed the pen on the table. The woman there looked up at us.
“Kai Pattinson!? Is that you? I haven’t seen you in forever!”
“Hey Molly. I thought you were still in Mongolia?”
“No, who is that?” She pointed to me.
She looked surprised. “You mean the Claire in your wish?!”
“Same Claire.”
“Well just sign here and you’ll be out of the tournament.”
Kai looked at me then signed the paper. He put me back on his hip and kissed Molly on the cheek. She looked at him.
“I’m married.” She held up her hand and Kai kissed both her cheeks then walked off with me.
“What was that for?” I kicked him in the leg.
“What was what for?”
“Who was she?”
“Does it really matter to you? Your really nosey.” He sounded mad at me.
“Who was she?”
“Molly. When I was in Mongolia I met her.”
“When were you in Mongolia?”
“When I ran away from you.”
“I thought you meant somewhere in this country.”
“Anyway, what was the big scene about?”
“What big scene? I just kissed her on her cheek.”
“And why?”
“Are you jealous?” He laughed.
“No!” I crossed my arms.
“It’s just a tradition. If you meet someone again that you knew you kiss their cheek. If they got married while you were gone you kiss both. Does that make you feel better?”
“I guess.” I unfolded my arms. “Can you put me down?”
He started running through the woods at too fast of speed. I closed my eyes and when I opened them we were at the front of his house. He opened the door and dropped me on the couch.
“You’re heavier then I expected.”
“Well thanks a lot.”
“Your welcome.”
He smiled and walked up the stairs. I ran after him trying not to trip on a step and start bleeding. Especially because no one was there with us to make sure he didn’t kill me. He stopped at the door to his room and so did I . He looked at me then went in and locked the door behind him. I sat down and leaned against the door knowing everyone else locked theirs and I didn’t have a key to any. Five minutes later the door open and I fell back from leaning on it too hard. I saw Kai’s face towering over mine and saw I was laying down on the floor. I scrambled to get up and shook everything off my dress. Kai laughed and pulled me into the room then closed the door behind him. I shook.
“You know that floor was cold!”
“If you were faster you could of made it in.”
“I was right behind you. You looked at me then locked the door on me.”
“I was changing.”
“That’s not a good excuse.” I was frustrated at him.
“At least I didn’t leave you outside in the middle of October.”
“October? It’s already October!”
“Time flies when your hanging out with vampires.”
“Very funny Kai. Ha-ha.”
I took off my jacket and threw it on the couch next to me.
“You’re going back to your house so don’t get to comfortable.”
“You said I could stay this morning and that you would take me to school.”
“Well then you can stay for an hour and then I’m taking you home. Don’t try to fall asleep either because I’ll just carry you to your house.”
“fine then.”
He looked at me. “Are you hungry?”
“No.” I didn’t want to waste my hour eating.
He tapped his fingers on the bed then tapped his head laughing. “You won’t waste your hour here eating, Claire and you’re starving you need to eat.”
He grabbed my arm and pulled me out the room. He pulled me down the steps and into the kitchen. It had a glass and mahogany table and chairs with a TV hanging on the wall and a black fridge, sink and counter. I sat in a chair and Kai pulled something out of the fridge. He put it in the shiny black oven and sat down in the chair next to me.
“Do you want to change?”
I looked down at my purple evening gown and nodded. He handed me a set of keys and I just let then lay limply in my freezing palm.
“Look, room fifteen you shouldn’t go into for night clothes unless you want to freeze to death. Room ten has all of Paige’s clothes in it but I wouldn’t advise wearing any of hers. Room nine is Cynthia and Will’s you could find some good clothes in there but I would advice room twelve which is Maria and Clide’s. I’m not sure if Maria’s clothes will fit you though so you may just have to freeze to death.”
He waved me off and I jumped from the chair. I ran up the steps and through the hall to room twelve. I unlocked the door and gasped at the beauty. It was red and green with some dark browns. The windows wee beautiful stained glass with pictures of flowers in it. I looked around the room for a closet and saw that I was already in it. I laughed to myself and looked around the enormous closet. I grabbed a pearl white silk dress and quickly put it on. I didn’t fit perfectly but it would have to work. I grabbed the matching robe and ran down the stairs. There was a plate of food at my seat and I sat down looking at Kai who hadn’t moved a bit. This would be the perfect time t ask any questions I had but that would perfectly waste my hour.
“See you found a dress. I thought you would wear a shirt and pants.”
“It was the first thing I saw. Why don’t you have a closet in your room?”
“I see you figured that out. We have too many clothes and too many rooms. Now you should eat.”
I nodded and ate my food quickly. I yawned and Kai laughed.
“Do you need to go to bed? You have school in the morning.”
“No! I’m not tired!” That was a complete lie.
“Yes you are. Come on.”
I stretched out my arms and he picked me up. He carried me up to his room and dropped me on the bed. I yawned again.
“I’m not tired and I haven’t had my hour yet!” I sounded like a whiney child.
“Too bad you have to go to school tomorrow and talk to people.”
“You have to go to school too! And Logan and Will and James and everyone else does too!”
“I can’t sleep. Everyone else is at a fighting tournament and you need to interact with real people. Humans. Mortals. Whatever you want to call them. It’s not healthy for you to be with vampires all the time. Especially vampires you barely know.”
“I do too know you!”
“No, you don’t. Now end of conversation.”
I crossed my arms in front of my chest then picked up a pillow. I looked at it trying to occupy myself then looked up at Kai.
“Why do you want to kill me?”
He rubbed my hair. “I don’t want to kill you.”
“Yes you do,” I could fill the horrible tears forming in my eyes. “Logan told me you wanted to.”
“I don’t want you dead.”
“Yes, you do! You want me dead and you want whatever stupid thing is in my future! After you get it you’re just going to kill me off like I’m nothing!”
“Claire Juliet Lamone.” He was calm but stern.
“You want me dead.”
I said it low but I knew he could still hear me. He reached out for my wrist but there was a knock on the door. I sighed and let the tears fall down my cheeks. He looked at me and rolled his eyes then got up and answered the door. Logan was in the doorway with her dress torn and scratched at the bottom. She looked at me and turned to Kai cautioning him.
“I had to fight for you at that stupid thing today! You should be ashamed of yourself yet proud because now you can’t kill off Claire.”
“No one ever said I couldn’t.” He casually leaned against the door frame.
“You have to get her out of town first.”
“That should be easy. I already tricked her once with those stupid tickets.” He laughed quietly to himself.
“You should be ashamed! Now come downstairs Dakota is having a party.” Her face was red and she looked at me. “She has to come too.” She pointed at me.
“Fine. Now leave.” Kai was calm but stern again.
“I was instructed to stay with you until you came downstairs.” She talked in a matter of fact way.
“Logan Beleaqua Pattinson you have until three to get out.”
Logan walked out the room and ran down the hallway. Kai shut the door and turned back to me.
“Get dressed we’re going to a party.”
I nodded and grabbed the purple dress.
“What are you doing? You aren’t wearing that again. Here.”
He handed me an aqua dress and I walked into the bathroom across the hall. I got out and handed Kai the purple dress and the night clothes I was in. He was dressed in a suit much like everyone was this morning. He grabbed my hand and led me to the stairs.
“You know you were a little rude to Logan.”
“It’s been worse.”
We walked down the steps and the first thing I saw were children running around. I looked at Kai shocked.
“Kids! Why are there kids here?!”
“They’re hybrids. Vampire and human children. They’re beginning to become more common which is a bad thing yet good.”
“Am I the only human here?”
“No there are about ten more girls. You’re the youngest though.”
“Oh great.”
When we finished talking two people reached us. They shook hands with Kai and looked at me. The woman who was at least thirty was the first to comment.
“Isn’t she to young for you Kai?” She turned to me. “Child how old are you?”
She looked surprised and turned to Kai. “Darling what did you do to this poor little glass child? Seventeen! That’s incredibly young for someone like you.”
I turned to Kai. “You said you were seventeen.”
“I’m twenty one.”
The woman looked at me then smiled. “Well sorry to get off track but I’m Francine and this is my husband George we are the French Colony.”
I nodded not knowing what else to do. Kai gabbed my hand and pulled me to another family. They were beautiful with their darkened skin and midnight black hair. A woman turned around and smiled at me.
“Are you the new Pattinson girl? You’re younger than I expected. I’m Hashanti from the Indian Colony. My soon to be husband Andre is somewhere around here. I’m so glad I’m not the only glass child here! It would be horrible if I was! You should go into the kitchen, that’s were all the glass children are. The men are in the front room and the children are in the back room.”
Kai nodded and waved me off. He walked towards the other men and I walked to the kitchen. The site surprised me when I got there. There were about ten woman as Kai had said but they all looked shocked when I came in. A tall woman with short blonde hair and pale skin with blue eyes came running towards me.
“Oh honey darling dear,” Her country accent was strong. “This is the room for the mortals. Hybrids are playing in the back room.”
“I’m a mortal.”
“Oh honey all hybrids wish they were, it’s ok.”
“I’m serious I’m a mortal.”
“Well who are you with sweetie.”
“I’m with the Pattinsons.”
“Oh no. The Pattinsons don’t keep mortals around. Which one are you with?”
“I’m with Kai”
“Oh. Kai seems a little old for you though.”
“I’ve heard that a lot lately. I just found out he’s twenty one.”
“Such a shame. Who are you anyway?”
“I’m Claire.”
“I’m Daisy from the U.S. Tennessee colony.”
Daisy turned around and came back with two glasses of wine and two cigarettes. She handed one of each to me.
“I’m too young to drink.”
“Says who?” She lit the cigarette and the smoke flew in my face.
“Um. Says the law and I probably shouldn’t get drunk when I have school tomorrow.”
“Why don’t you ask Kai then?”
“Because he won’t listen.”
“Go ahead and ask him.”
I walked over to the front room with the cigarette and wine still in my hand. A lot of the men stopped when I came in and I walked faster when I saw their coal black eyes. When I got to Kai I stopped. He was sitting down and talking to three men. They all turned to me when I came. Kai’s eyes were orange but turned deep red when he saw me. Obviously I wasn’t welcomed. He saw the cigarette and wine and looked up at me with dark purple eyes.
“Claire why do you have a glass of wine and a cigarette?”
“Because I wanted to drink but the people over there said I needed your permission so here I am.”
“Well tell them I said no. Your way to young.”
“No one will find out.”
“No you have school tomorrow.”
“No Claire.”
One of the men looked at Kai.
“You better control your girl.” The man had a deep husky voice. Kai turned back to him.
“Thanos. I’m working on it.”
“Fine. Sorry to bother.” The man rolled his eyes
Kai turned back to me his eyes black.
“Claire I said no now leave.”
“No! Just this once! Please?!”
“Claire you’re being a brat.”
“I am not! Now just let me!”
“Claire Juliet you have until three.”
“I’m not a child Kai.”
“Just this once?!”
“Give me one good reason why I can’t!”
He grabbed my wrist and dragged me to the stairs. He pulled me up them and then dragged me into his room. He locked the door behind him. I sat down on the bed scared. He sat next to me and I started shaking.
“Claire who told you to ask me if you can drink wine?”
“Daisy from the U.S. Tennessee colony.”
“Well I said no so why did you stay?”
“Because I thought you would change your mind.”
He nodded his head and handed me the glass of wine on the headboard. He grabbed a lighter and a cigarette too. He lit the cigarette and handed it to me.
“What are you doing Kai?”
“You said you wanted to try it so go ahead.”
“I don’t know how.”
“You just put it to your mouth and blow out. But this is the only time I’m going to let you. So if I see you smoking somewhere I’m going to kill you.”
“You sound like you’re trying to be my dad.”
“Just try it.”
He sounded aggravated at the dad comment so I shut my mouth and did as he said. I coughed a couple of times but I had it. He took the cigarette from me and put it out.
“I thought you would try the wine first.”
His eyes were slowly turning orange. I took a drink and winced.
“Why is this so sour!” I wiped some of the liquid from my mouth and Kai smiled.
“It’s wine it’s supposed to be sour.”
I decided to change the subject away from me and to him.
“Who were those guys you were talking to?”
“Thanos and some of his friends. I don’t really know them that well.”
I picked up another cigarette and the lighter. Kai looked at me and shook his head smiling.
“Let’s change the subject to you. How was the kitchen?”
“Horrible! They thought I was a hybrid! They said I was too young!”
“Well you are pretty young.”
I frowned. “ And you’re pretty old. Twenty one! Why didn’t you tell me?! How come you don’t tell me anything? You know everything about me and I know nothing about you! Am I just with you for some stupid little experiment? Because that’s what it feels like!”
“No you aren’t an experiment and I don’t tell you about me for a reason.”
“Well if I’m not a little lab mouse then why does everyone tell me that you don’t care anything about me and that you only want my future? What is in my future that you want that bad that you were going to kill me for? That you ran away from? For a while I thought you actually cared about me.”
He quickly leaned in and bit my neck. I was crying before I even felt the pain. But I did feel it. It stung and I screamed a little before the pain numbed. Kai grabbed my hand and pulled me out the room. He pulled me back down the steps and went to the couch he was sitting at. He sat down and put me next to him. I rubbed my neck to soothe the pain but it didn’t work that well. The men stared at me and I stood up. Kai grabbed my hand and pulled me back down. He set me in his lap and I frowned. Thanos looked at me rubbing my neck.

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