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Wolfgang Chapter 3

August 2, 2010
By CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
CheshireCat PLATINUM, Paducah, Kentucky
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I got up and walked to my room upstairs. It was so different from my room at Kai’s house. My room there was green and blue dots with a lovely mahogany floor. My room here was small and plain and boring. I sat on my bed remembering that this was the room that I first learned his terrifying secret. Fiddling with the braids in my hair I undid them and combed through the loose curls with my fingers. I grabbed the picture of my dad hugging me then set it back on the table.

Running my hand up the wall I felt the hole were I threw the knife at Hunters head the night before Kai attacked me. This house held so many memories and I wanted to come back to it. Mother was right I’m not happy I’m depressed. I just needed something to distract me from it but it would always come back and haunt me. I buried my face in a pillow and cried in it. Kai’s song that he hummed got stuck in my head and it instantly made me feel better. Pulling out my phone I put in his number.



“What do you need?”

“Company. My mom is getting on my nerves.”

“See why I left her?”

“Yah. I can’t see you two together. She’s so happy, dingy, and cheery while your dark, down to earth, and shallow.”

“I’m shallow to you?”

“Yah kind of.”

“Is she driving you crazy?”

“Got any tips for me?”

“Aggravate her until she turns into a wolf then scream. Her ears are sensitive so it will hurt her.”

“I don’t want to get killed!”

“Want me to get you?”

“No. I like my little room and my little house.”

“Well I have to leave I’m helping Maria.”


I hung up the phone and looked at the clock: six at night. Too early to go to sleep without a scene from Debbie. I went downstairs avoiding my mother and grabbed some food running back up to my room. I ate, got ready for bed, and walked back into my room. It was hot so I opened the window then laid in my bed. It was eleven at night and I still couldn’t find a way to go to sleep. There was a noise at the window then a cool dark silhouette across the wall. Something laid next to me on my bed and hummed the song. Kai. I got up out of the bed and stared at him.

“How did you get in here?”

“The window.”

“Why are you here?”

“Thought I would check on you.”

“I’m fine.”

“I know.”

I sat back in the bed next to him turning off the lights. I fell asleep and had a strange dream about a little girl dying in the street. She was screaming for someone to help her but she died before they could help her. I woke up in the dark and the little girl was on my bed. She held out a hand and her mouth was saying ‘help me’.

“I can’t.” I whispered the words to her so Debbie wouldn‘t hear.

“Yes you can. Come get me. Save me.” Her voice was tiny and sweet and it scared me.

“I can’t.”

She looked at the rising sun and disappeared. Getting dressed quickly I ran out the door and to Kai’s house. Everyone was getting into their cars to go to school but stopped when they saw me. I ran to Kai pinning him up to my car.

“Kai I’m scared!”

“Of what?”

“My dream, the girl, everything!”

“I don’t know what your talking about.”

“She was here! I saw here! She wanted me to help her!”

“Claire stay home from school today and get some sleep.”

He threw me out of the way and I landed on the grass roughly. The day went quickly and it was already time for me to sleep. I was at Debbie’s house again and I closed my window locking it to where Kai couldn’t get in. I had the dream again but this time I saved the girl. I pulled her in front of me and asked her what her name was. She replied telling me it was Justin Kisser. She seemed only four and was adorable. She was a sickly pale and was still screaming for help. I woke up and again she was at the bottom of my bed.

“Justin I can’t help you.”

“Yes you can. Come get me! Help me!”

She looked at the rising sun again and disappeared. Getting dressed slower today I drove the Mustang to school. I didn’t mention the girl during Mr. David’s class but when lunch came I ran straight to his table and sat down.

“Kai I had that dream again.”

“What dream?”

“About the little girl dying but this time I saved her and she said her name was Justin Kisser.”

“Strange dream.”

“She was at the edge of my bed again telling me to come get her.”

“Just a mirage.”

“Was that man chasing me through the hallway a mirage? Kai I think she needs to tell me something.”

“Claire this is why you shouldn’t drink.”

“I wasn’t drinking! I hate you! I never want to see you again!”

I got up and left and I could see the little girl in the window she ran in front of me mouthing the words ’go back to him’ and waving her arms in the air. Kai’s hand was on my shoulder and he dragged me outside. The girl followed and Kai put a hand on her shoulder than back on his side.

“Who are you?”

“I’m Justin. Justin Kisser.”

He looked at me then the girl then me again.

“Death messenger. Logan is ready. Come to my house after school.” He looked at Justin. “Can you tell her that we got the message?”

She nodded and faded away, he grabbed my hand and lead me back to the cafeteria. School went slow but when I was over I had a sad feeling inside me. Driving to Kai’s house I still had that feeling. I walked into the house throwing my things onto the couch that Clide is usually on. Everyone was at the table in there seats except Logan. I got in my seat and Kai spoke to everyone.

“I have to go to the spirit world to hide Claire’s chest but I need everyone else to go get Logan. Someone has to stay here though to watch Claire.”

Everyone closed there eyes probably wishing they don’t get picked.

“I pick Clide. Clide you have to stay here. You’re the only one without a power at the moment.”

Everyone sighed but Clide shot Kai a look.

“I’m not watching the toddler.”

I glared at Kai.

“You aren’t leaving me here with him are you? I hate him and he knows nothing!”

Kai smiled.

“Then you two can bond.” He looked at Clide. “She is not to leave this house. She can not go to the school either. She can’t even go to her mother’s house. If she is damaged when I come back I swear you will be dead. Please don’t forget that she has to eat and I’m sure she can’t cook so you’ll have to do it for her. We will be back in a month and a half.”

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