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December 18, 2010
By KellyKay SILVER, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
KellyKay SILVER, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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You know when you're in love becasue reality it finally better than your dreams

Bella groaned as she slowly gained consciousness. Pain radiated through her head and shoulder.

“Ow!” Bella murmured.

“I’m sorry.” A man’s voice whispered. “Just hold still.” Bella’s eyes fluttered open but then shut.


“Yes, hold still.” Bella then felt this slight probing in her shoulder and a clanking sound followed.

“Merde!” Bella cursed as a burning pain erupted from her shoulder. Then smell of rubbing alcohol filled her nose. Bella felt Carlisle put a soft cloth like material on her shoulder. Bella’s eyes opened, blinked a few times, before taking in her surroundings. She saw Carlisle beside her. The room around them was bright and a buzzing sound flowed through the air. Bella started to sit up when Carlisle stopped her.

“Slowly, that bullet did some damage.” Bella, with Carlisle’s assistance leaned against the wall next to the bed.

“I took a bullet?”

“Yes, don’t you remember?” Carlisle asked. “You jumped in front of us and it was logged in your shoulder.”

“Hey!” You got the bullet out; now get in your cell!” Carlisle reluctantly left Bella and walked across a hallway where he sat in a cell across from her. Two armed men closed a transparent force field like door then walked away out another. Bella slowly stood and walked to the front of her cell. She lifted a hand and pressed it against the wall. ripples ran in all directions.

“Carlisle,” He looked up at the sound of Bella’s voice.

“Where’s everyone else?”

“Look around you on the other rooms. They’re asleep.” He concluded as Bella looked around. “Bella, do you know where we are?” Bella shook her head.

“What happened?”

“We were at our home when these men came in and were going to shoot us if you hadn’t jumped in front of us.” Carlisle paused to sit against a wall and place his wrist on top his knee. “Edward leapt to your side then all was chaos. That’s all I remember.”

“How long have we been asleep?”

“I don’t know.” He sighed. “When I woke up I didn’t have my watch, my phone. They took everything except our clothes.” Bella sat down on the bed. Her hand fisted, who would do this to them? Bella looked around and saw how everyone’s body was thrown carelessly to the floor. Bella turned to look at the cell behind her and saw Edward’s body close to the wall.

“Edward! Edward wake up!” Bella hollered with worry. “Wake up…” Bella whispered tears rolling down her cheeks. Edward didn’t move except to breathe. Bella moved her arm then hissed as pain caused her to stop. There was no clock in sight and Bella thought days had past with her simply waiting for Edward to move. The occasional guard would come in with food Bella refused to eat. She would nibble here and there but she seemed to have lost her appetite. A guard came in with a tray of food but Bella pushed it away when it was placed in front of her.

“Come on you have to eat.” The guard said it caringly which caused Carlisle to sit up on the bed and grow suspicious of him. Bella and the guard just stared at each other. The guard’s face was masked with a black covering matching his black jumpsuit. His gun was attached to a belt and Bella had the strongest feeling she knew who the guard was. The guard sighed. “Okay then.” He left out the door and several voices called out their loved one’s names.

“Edward!” Bell shouted with relief and crawled to the wall separating them.
“You’re up.” A tear crawled down Bella’s face.

“Are you alright?”

“I am now.” The swoosh of the exit echoed through the cells and Bella turned in time to see two guards enter her cell.

“The commander has requested your presence.”

“No! I’m staying here!” The woman guard looked at her partner. He walked over to Bella and removed his mask.

“Come.” Bella, trapped in a trace, followed the guard while Edward helplessly shouted his resistance. When Bella was released she was in a bathroom. The woman handed her clothes and towels.

“Shower and dress.” Bella looked around after the door was closed. Thinking there were cameras in the room she stepped into the shower stall and undressed; then turned on the water.

“Carlisle what’s been going on?”

“Where are we?”

“I don’t know.” He answered his family’s questions. “Are you guys alright though?”

“Yeah…” Everyone echoed. Esme gazed at her husband.

“Why do you sound so sad? Like you’ve given up?”

“I haven’t, I’m just so hungry and I can’t think of a way out that I already have…we’re trapped Esme.” Carlisle said turning to face his wife. Esme gasped.

Bella walked into a study. She was dressed in shorts, a t-shirt and sandals. She sat in on overstuffed chair and the guard released his control over as a man stepped into the room. He waved his hand at the guard.

“Leave us.” The guard obeyed and the man sat across from Bella.

“Where are we?” Bell asked.

“An isolated location. You are here for reasons I can’t tell. The date is may third, you’ve been here for two weeks. Now I need you to tell me everything you remember before you moved to Forks.” The man sat back in his chair and crossed his fingers.

“Feed my family first.” Bella said cocking and eye brow and tilting her head, the man chuckled.

“Done, and I guess you want to be with your boyfriend too? Done, as long as you answer my question.”


“Except your freedom.”

“I was born in Forks, moved to Phoenix then moved back to Forks.”

“Wrong Danielle. You were born in Paris, France where you were kidnapped taken to Forks, where your memory was altered.” The man stood in front of Bella and placed his hands on her shoulders. “Why don’t you remember?”

“Let. Me. Go.”

“Take her back. Join the couples and give them fresh clothes.” Bella glanced behind her and saw the guard. He didn’t compel her this time so when Bella walked back to the cells where her family was she looked around and had the nagging feeling she knew where she was. Everyone was joined with their lover, then fed until the had regained their strength. Edward held Bella in his arms while she slept. His thoughts occupied with ways to get out. The Cullen’s were now being fed every other day at Bella’s request. They also had clean clothes again at Bella’s request. It seemed the leader knew Bella he would call her Danielle whenever he came.

They had been in this place for about a month, and a clock had been brought in. At bout three a.m. Bella lifted her head as if she was a cat who was startled.

“Bella?” Edward whispered, she rolled over and put her head back down and closed her eyes.

“I thought I heard something.” Edward kissed Bella’s forehead and smiled.

“Go back to sleep.” An unexpected visit from a guard caused all the Cullen’s to be alert. EH walked around to each cell as if to memorized their faces. When he stopped at Bella and Edward’s Bella moved. Opened her eyes, the guard removed his mask. His blue eyes looking at Bella. She froze when she saw him.


“Want to play?” Demetri smiled and typed in the code to open the door. When the shield dropped Bella ran to Demetri. He tipped her chin up, “They really messed you up didn’t they?” Suddenly guards flooded in and Bella was pushed back into her cell. While Demetri fought the guards. Bella screamed her disapproval. Finally Demetri was thrown into the cell next to Carlisle and Esme all broken and bleeding. Edward got off the bed and walked to Bella.

“Who is he Bella?” Bella rubbed her left ankle. How had she suddenly known his name? And what did he mean by they really messed her up? More questions with no answers. Her head started to pound. She pressed her hand tightly to her head and screamed in pain. Her squeezed her eyes shut as voices in her head grew louder and images flashed faster before her eyes. Faster and faster, louder and louder. Edward held Bella clueless as how to help her as she screamed and withered in pain. It twisted hi heart to see her like this.

Bella’s screaming decreased in low moans, Edward looked down at her.

“I know where we are.” The words were so soft the had trouble hearing them.

“What did she say?” Alice inquired.

“‘I know where we are.’” The doors opened and two men dressed in red jumpsuits, similar to Demetri’s, took Bella. Edward tire dot fight them off but they electrocuted him. Bella was so weak she could fight and so was dragged away.

“Don’t worry about her.” Demetri said as Edward found to strength to sit up. “She knows how to take care of herself.”

“What do you mean?” Edward asked.

“I’ve known her for years. She can kick anyone’s behind trust me.” Demetri got up then laid on the bed.

“How did you heal so fast?” Rosalie wondered.

“I’m just a fast healer.”

“What do we do now?” Jasper asked to know one in particular from where he sat on the floor. Demetri placed his hands behind his head and crossed his ankles.

“Now all we do is wait.”

Bella slumped forward in a chair tied, her head bent.

“You are so stubborn.” The commander murmured. “Why are you here?” Bella’s head snapped to the side and he hit her. Bella refused to answer any of his questions. He made it sound like she was an alien. But she guessed she kind of was. Bella spit blood as he hit her again. “Maybe your boyfriend will be more cooperative.” Bella started to laugh and then commander stopped to look back at her. “What the…” he wasn’t allowed to finish his sentence when the roped around Bella snapped and she started to morph. Her lips cracked and started to turn black as grease. She screamed but it turned into a roar as her face transformed.

Standing before the guards and commander was a fierce black panther with death in its green eyes. Bella growled and stalked toward the commander. He turned to run and Bella leapt onto his back. She was about to bite him when the guards rushed over. Bella turned and pounced on one of them ripped his throat out. Bella did the same to another when she felt a prick in her back. Tranquilizer, Bella thought. She fought her hardest until the drugs caused her to knock out. Her body was still in panther form when everything went black.

The Cullen’s looked up when they heard yelled from the doors. They opened and there walking over a pile of dead guards was a sleek black panther.

“Cover your ears!” Alice shouted. The panther opened its mouth and roared causing the key pads to short out. The shields dropped and the Cullen’s were free. Demetri was replaced by a panther and rushed to the other. The first panther dropped to the ground and Demetri nudged it with its head. It opened its eyes and Edward recognized the look in its deep green depts. Demetri rushed back to his cell changed back into a human shocking the Cullen’s. He pulled on his pants then wrapped the other panther in a blanket.

“Bella…” He said to it. “We have to go now! They’re coming!” They all ran, Demetri carrying the panther in his arms, murmuring something as it moaned. The Cullen’s took care of any guards that came their way and soon they were out. On the way to a hotel the panther changed into Bella it shocked the Cullen’s immensely. Bella was tucked under the sheets when Edward joined the others in the adjoining bedroom.
“Enlighten me on this were-panther deal.” Edward told Demetri.

“I’ve known Bella since she was a baby. It was my job to protect her. I was her guard. She and I were caught in a blizzard on the annual family hike. Her boot had gotten stuck and she twisted her ankle trying to free herself. We tried to catch up to the others but the snow covered their tracks. A panther attacked out camp and bit Bella. She has been able to shift ever since.”

“Why now? Why didn’t she tell us?” Emmett wondered.

“She went missing soon after. It was a cover up to hide form the man who had captured you all. Bella is the only one besides myself, which we know of, who can change. We were forced to erase her memories. That is why she didn’t tell you. When she saw me she got them back.”

“What’s going to happen now?”

“She’ll continue to shift…but when she chooses. She has to at least shift once a month or…”

“‘Or’ what?” Edward asked. Demetri sighed.

“She’ll change to matter where she is, or who she’s with. If that happens she’ll kill someone. I have to take her back into hiding now. Then have that man killed.”

“That man that visited Bella?” Esme inquired. “He wanted her as a wife. When her parents refused he told them we would have her. A phone rang and Demetri answered his cell phone.

“Thank you. Bella doesn’t have to go into hiding. He’s killed. She can live with you all if she wants but I will be close by.”

“Where am I?” The muffled voice told everyone Bella was up. Edward stood to go but jasper caught his arm.

“Let her dress…” he said looking into Edward’s eyes. “Alice.” Jasper called not looking away from Edward.

“Sure.” Alice skipped into the other room.

“Who was that one the phone?” Rosalie asked.

“My team…” Bella entered. “How do you feel?”

“A little hot.” “It will be like that for a while.” “I remember you; I see you dropped the kilt and sporran.”

“For now. I see you heard most of what we said.”

“That’s what the dream was?”

“I’m linked to you. It means you can see and hear I do. Explain the dreams?”

“Yes…I don’t mean to be a bother but I’m kind of hungry.” Later everyone returned to Forks. The Cullen’s made sure Bella was away from civilization when she changed. Demetri kept a distant eye on Bella; he later found a were-panther mate named Rose, they were married and are happy raising twins. Everyone now lives in peace and are completely happy.

The author's comments:
The Twilight Saga and teh book
Eat Prey Love by Kerrelyn Sparks

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KellyKay SILVER, Eau Claire, Wisconsin
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Favorite Quote:
You know when you're in love becasue reality it finally better than your dreams

Again im the first on my own story...i hope ya'll have a merry christmas and enjoy this story