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Hot And Cold (Part 1.5)

January 18, 2011
By WinterFairy PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
WinterFairy PLATINUM, Chicago, Illinois
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Three days later, I sat on the edge of the cliff were we go cliff diving. The rain might have been masking my tears, but it could not erase them. By now, I knew that Gabby would completely be a vampire. There was nothing anyone could do now.
“Hey, Embry.”
Jacob was walking out from the trees. He came and sat beside me.
“How are you?” he asked.
“Ticked off,” I said. “Depressed. Is that how you felt when Edward was changing Bella?”
“Ticked, depressed, empty,” Jacob said. “I probably felt more negative than ever. I felt like there was no point in life anymore.”
“But then you found Nessie,” I said. “Gabby was like Nessie. There’s no one else for me to find.”
I grabbed a stray rock and threw it into the ocean.
“You haven’t been home at all, have you?” Jacob said.
“No,” I said. “I don’t know where to go, but I can’t go home.”
“You should probably go by the Cullens in a week or two,” Jake said. “Gabby’s going to want to see you. You’re going to want to see her.”
“Why would I?” I lied. “She’s a bloodsucker now. Our enemy.”
“Because you love her. Embry, you’re my best friend, and I don’t want to see you go through this.”
I sighed. “Maybe I want to do this alone.”
“No you don’t,” Jacob said. “You don’t want to do this alone. I wish I had someone to talk to, but no one else could relate.”
“Just go, okay?” I said through gritted teeth, looking away from him.
“Swing by my place later,” he said standing up. “We can talk about it.”
“Okay,” I said, still not looking at him. I doubted I would take him up on his request.
He ran into the woods. I sat there, listening to the clash of waves hitting rocks, and the soft pat pat pat as rain fell on the ground around me.
Someone laughed quietly behind me. My nose twitched with a sickly-sweet scent filling it. I stood up and turned around to see Demetri behind me with a wicked smile on his face.
“What are you doing here?” I snarled.
“Aro told me to stay to make sure the job was finished,” he said. “And it has been.” He laughed evilly again.
“What do you want?” I said.
“Poor little puppy, loosing his girlfriend,” he said sarcastically. “So lost that he’s willing to give himself up to his enemies.”
“What do you want?” I repeated, saying each word slowly and distinctly.
“I want you dead,” he said, all humor gone. “I think you should die, since you told Gabby about us. There is nothing we can do about her now, but I’m still going to get my bloodshed.”
“Try,” I challenged. “I’ll only kill you first.”
“I’d like to see that,” he said.
Without warning, he was in front of me, holding my throat, holding me over the ocean.
“Please,” I gasped. “Don’t.”
“What point is there for you?” Demetri said his eyes hard and empty. “You cannot be with your enemy. She is a vampire now. She’s one of us. She’s probably be gifted, and we will persuade her to join us. One day she’ll be a Volturi and forget all about you. She’ll want you dead.”
“No, she won’t,” I gasped. “She won’t forget me. We love each other. I’ll make her remember.”
“When she was human she loved you,” Demetri said. “I told you I’d get my bloodshed.”
Then he dropped me. I was falling too close to the side of the rock face. I wouldn’t land in the water; I would land on rock!
Good-bye, Gabby. Good-bye my love.

My mind recovered faster than my body did. I was aware of something soft under me. I could feel a chilling breeze over me. Someone else was saying something, begging someone for something.
I opened my eyes slowly. Carlisle was leaning over me. I was in the Cullen’s living room, lying on the couch. I recognized the begging voice, but who was it?
“Good, you’re awake,” Carlisle said.
“What…happened?” I said slowly.
“Leah saw you and Demetri,” Carlisle said. “She found Jacob and Seth and they pulled you out of the water. You lost a lot of blood, but you healed quickly.”
“Werewolf thing,” I said automatically.
“Gabby, no,” Emmett said. But…Gabby?
“Emmett,” Gabby begged. It sounded like Gabby, but the voice was higher than Gabby’s, clearer, like a bell. “I won’t hurt him. Don’t you trust me?”
I pushed myself into a sitting position. Gabby was trying to get through the doorway but Emmett was blocking her path. Her red eyes connected with mine. That was Gabby, right? It looked like Gabby, but she was different. Her hair was a little longer and lighter. Her skin was incredibly pale, but she was more beautiful than I had ever seen her. She really was a vampire. There was no escaping now, not when the proof was right in front of me. For some reason, I didn’t care. She was still Gabrielle, the girl I imprinted on. I sill loved her. I would always love her.
I had the urge to run up to her and envelope her in my arms. I wanted her back with me, where I knew she was safe.
“Embry!” she cried when our eyes connected. “Emmett, let me through!”
“Carlisle?” Emmett said, looking to Carlisle for what to do.
“Not yet,” Carlisle said.
“I will not bow” Gabby started singing. “I will not break. I will shut the world away.”
Emmett backed up and Carlisle moved to join him. Once they were out of the way, Gabby rushed over to me. She threw her arms around me. It felt like they were going to crush me.
“Ow,” I said, but hugged back just as hard.
“Oh my gosh,” Gabby whispered, loosening her grip. “Embry, I’m so sorry--.”
“Sorry for what?” I interrupted. “Gabby, you didn’t do anything wrong.”
“I know I just…” she started, unsure what to say.
“You just don’t know?” I guessed. “Yeah. Me neither.”
She pulled away from me and touched my face. “It’s like I’m seeing you for the first time again. Vampire eyes are so much better than human eyes. And guess what? I’m gifted!”
“What’s your power?” I asked, eager to learn all about the new vampire Gabby.
“I’ll show you,” she said. “Name a song.”
“‘What I’ve Done’ by Linkin Park,” I said.
“In this farewell,” Gabby sang. “There’s no blood, there’s no alibi….”
I could not hear the rest. My mind clouded over, and I could not think. Through the mist, I felt a pull. It was Gabby pulling me. She was calling me with her song.
“Did you feel that?” she said in her normal voice.
“Yeah,” I said. “It was weird. What was that? Were you hypnotizing me?”
Gabby nodded. “It’s so cool, right? I can sing and hypnotize people. Not that I’d ever want to. Unless of course, I have to.” She looked back at Emmett.
“You didn’t have to,” he pointed out.
“Yeah, I did,” she mumbled.
“What?” Emmett snapped.
“Nothing,” she said, looking back at me. “Are you okay?”
“I’m fine,” I assured her. “Are you okay?”
“Never better,” she said, smiling.
“Can I ask them to go,” I whispered, “or won’t they leave you alone?”
“They won’t leave,” Gabby said, rolling her eyes. “They don’t trust me yet.”
“It’s not that we don’t trust you,” Carlisle said. “It’s just that--.”
“--you don’t want me to hurt anyone,” Gabby finished like she had heard it before. “I get it. Carlisle, Embry’s going to be okay, right?”
“Yes,” Carlisle said. “He’ll be fine. I have a feeling Demetri won’t be too happy he survived though.”
“Well, we’ll be waiting,” I said. “We’ll be ready.”
“Can you trust me if you guys have your backs turned?” Gabby asked. “I’d like to kiss my boyfriend.”
“I think we can give you that much,” Carlisle said, grinning.
Emmett and Carlisle turned toward the wall. Gabby smiled at me. I leaned in and pressed my lips to hers.
“I’m happy this is over,” she said when our lips parted.
“Me too,” I said, our foreheads touching, our lips still just centimeters apart. “We don’t have to worry anymore. I haven’t seen you smile this much in a week.”
Gabby laughed softly once. “We don’t have to worry.”
I liked the sound of it. It sounded so true now, and so right.
She leaned in and we kissed once again. I could not be sure, but I thought I heard Carlisle and Emmett leave the room.

The author's comments:
Chapter 5 of my Embry fanfic. Read 1-4 before reading this! Enjoy! :)

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