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March 1, 2012
By romance_lover GOLD, Edmonton, Other
romance_lover GOLD, Edmonton, Other
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e was turning the deepest shade of crimson. His blood was boiling; adrenaline jumping. Hayden, braced himself in front of his, father. He spit words at Hayden, screaming as loud as he could. This was the third time this month; the police had driven me home, this time for impaired driving.
“Why can’t you be more like your brother?’
Dustin was a straight ‘A’ student, and a skilled artist…Every parents dream. Whereas I was barely making it, in life and school. Straights C’s and a questionable past, I wish I could point fingers, but the only one to blame is me. Sure, I could wave fingers at my mom, who took off, as soon as I was old enough to miss her. Indeed, my mom Dahlia was an addict, and a terrible mother withal, but she’s the only mom I have. My father, Ares was a soldier in the Iraq war of 2003. He was completely desensitized, to any form of kindness. I was strung out, eyes burning red- I wanted to sleep, I wanted to run. I didn’t want to be here.
“I am sick of you, letting your life slip away. Your 17 Hayden, and your already on the same path as your mother. Do you want that?” I fiddled with my coat zipper, shuffling my feet. Seether was bellowing out a haunting melody accompanied by Amy Lee, in my left ear. I nodded sincerely at my father, hoping he’d drop it. Of course he couldn’t. “You could’ve killed someone! You could’ve killed yourself! Do you understand anything I’m saying?” My throat itched. I wanted to scream at him, I know I’ve made mistakes-how do you think I feel? Living in my brother’s shadow, watching my life go by in wasted, hazy thoughts. I’m no fool; I know it’s too late for me.
My strength was fading, I didn’t want a fight. I nodded to him.
“Sorry ‘bout the hassle dad. “ I Sniffed. My feet dragged across the floor-Up the stairs. I collapsed on my bed. The room was spinning, everything was turning gray, red, then gray again. My eyes fogged over and I entered my Utopia. A world of silence.

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