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Dear Aaron

January 2, 2012
By softballchick2014 BRONZE, Cedarhill, Tennessee
softballchick2014 BRONZE, Cedarhill, Tennessee
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Dear Aaron,
I have not seen you in a year. Three hundred sixty five days of purgatory can change a girl. How have you been? I bet you are still running around causing panic for your parents by playing football. Shouldn’t you be starting quarterback now? You are a junior, aren’t you? I know you wouldn’t fail a grade but who knows a lot can change in a year. Like last year I did not see you all summer, and you ended up being six foot tall and be all lean muscle and totally hot. And all the girls were falling over you including me.
You know that I was so surprised that out of all the girls that were falling in your lap you saw me. The little girl that sat in the front of the class room, turned in all of her homework on time, and played softball everyday was the one that you wanted to be with. I was in total awestruck when you memorized my favorite lines from Romeo & Juliet. And after me telling you that I wouldn’t go out with you like fifty times you came, and pelted my window with rocks till I got out of bed to say those lines to me. It got me to say yes didn’t it? Even though you were grounded for a week you went around with me like you were on cloud nine. I was happy to be there with you on that pink, fluffy cloud nine.
My life is different with out you here. Everything seems to be a plain shade of white, so boring that I feel like it is suffocating me. Closing in closer and closer until there is nowhere left for me to move or breathe for that matter. My room is like I don’t even live here. So clean with not even a small trace of dust on the small Chester draws I have. I wish you were here to save me from this plain place and take me away to the flower garden that was on that roof top that we spent most of our nights. I still dream of fairytales happening there.
I wish you would write me back. Not hearing from you is killing me more and more every day. You have no idea what it is like feeling that the other half of you is slipping farther and farther from you every day. My Aaron I wish to see you. Be able to look into those green eyes and feel all the love that you have for me. I wish that we could run away and never return from our happily ever after. Please reply. I miss you.


Your Anna Bell

“Well here is another one.” I said looking at the letter addressed to Aaron Anderson. “I know that this is her way of coping but I don’t think it is right to let her think that he is not writing back. I said to the other head nurse.
“If we start writing back to her we are going to have to put her in a straight jacket and in a padded room, ‘cause she is ganna want to go see him and run away with him,” She sighed, “like many of her letters say she would do.” She grabbed the letter and put it in the shelf that was labeled Anna Bell Adams.
“It is tragic what happened. That car crash all most killed her but go her best friend and boyfriend too. I would have a mental breakdown if that happened to me.” I said think of how my life would change if I lost ether of them. And how I would act if I lost them. I shake my head and decided to stop thinking about it.
“So who is going to read that letter?” I asked. I wish it was not be because every time I ended up crying and wanting to write back.
She sighed, “I guess I will because all the other nurses are dealing with other issues. Mr. Clark want to climb out the window so he got his leg stuck in the little one that is in his door.” She said with a smile on her lips. “They took the door off, so they are watching it to make sure he doesn’t get out and wreak havoc or the other patients.”
I looked at where at the letter was setting on the shelf, then at the door of the girl who wrote it. As a tear slid down my cheek I said, “I’ll read it.”

The author's comments:
OK it has a lot of mistakes. and possibly suck butt and i really like it. this story came to life on its own to me and it is short but you can get what happened to these people. rate and give me feedback because i need it. and if you could check out all my other stuff and tell me what you think about it.

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