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Spying on a Mystery

October 7, 2009
By Kitti-Chan PLATINUM, Wichita, Kansas
Kitti-Chan PLATINUM, Wichita, Kansas
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I hit the railing and gasped louder as a shock wave of pain went through my elbow. The boy, or now part-wolf turned, slowly his yellow eyes glinting, his teeth stained with blood. There was blood lust in his frightening eyes. My eyes widened and brought my arms up quickly, putting my palm on the railing. I quickly hoisted myself so I was sitting on the bar and flipped into oblivion.

I landed agilely on my feet the impact barely winded me. I glanced quickly up and saw the beast clamber onto the balcony's edge and begin his hurtle to the tree. I stood quickly and began running, my arms pumped and I was across the road before the werewolf was on the ground.

“Back-up request!” I said urgently into my communicator. “Back-up!”

Nothing but static he was using a jammer, I swore in a language only us STFT spoke. When I thought about it, I probably should have used a nicer term. I looked back as I approached my bike, he was close behind me. His figure changing back to a normal human form. I had almost reached my bike when something large and hard hit me. We tumbled across the pavement stopping in the middle of the road. My arm was bleeding and I had a nasty gash on my head. Blood gushed from my open wound, that was going to hurt later. I landed facing towards the sky and he soon crouched over my chest, one leg on either side of me his hands pressed my hands into the gravel and cement. I tried to pull away but his grip tightened. My hair was in my eyes and I quickly shook it from my face, most of it had fallen from it's high arcing ponytail.

“Get off me!” I demanded squirming.

He didn't say anything he just moved so one boot pressed my wrist so it dug in the pavement, he pulled his phone from his pocket. He seemed absorbed by something on the screen, then after a few metallic tones sounded, he raised it to his ear.

“Get off of me!” I said again. This time I hissed the words. “You damn mutt!”

He held his phone in place with his shoulder and put a finger to his lips. My anger and distaste grew, nobody told me to be quiet. I squirmed more but he didn't budge. I stared at his finely chiseled features and my annoyance and hate grew as I remembered them shifting to that beast.

“Hello Sean?” he said his voice was melodic. “Yes I have an STFT agent in custody. Shall I bring her in?”

I lashed out my foot. It made contact with the side of his face, his cellphone skittered across the road. It broke into two as it hit the curb. The boy dropped his hand and looked down at me.

“I was talking to someone.” he said in an annoyed tone.

“Let. Me. Go.” I punctuated each word.

“I need to take you to headquarters so, I can't do that.” he pulled me to my feet twisting one behind my back. It hurt the other arm to whereas I couldn't move it.

“You used to be a STFT agent.” I gasped.

“Correct.” he said guiding me to my bike. He pushed me onto the seat and sat behind me, I reached down and picked up my helmet. I shoved it onto my head and a second helmet appeared from seemingly no where. The boy shoved it onto his head.

“Drive where I tell you.” he said into his microphone, it was relayed into my ear through a speaker in my ear.

I followed his instructions until we were on the highway.

“So, why did you leave the STFT?” I asked

“Take the exit four miles from here. Because they wouldn't take me anymore once I was this. The Vine did.” I heard his voice in my ear as if we were not sitting on a speeding motorcycle.

I took the exit off the highway onto 4th Avenue. I heard his bland tone in my ear that told me to go into an alleyway off Washington Road. I did.

We stood and he put a small red dot onto the seat. He began leading me away.

“No!” I shrieked and dived at the black pouch on the side of my TMS and yanked it off. I felt his grip on my elbows as he quickly and forcefully steered me away from bike. He forced me to sprint across the alley and duck behind dumpster. I heard the small explosion from behind me, then a stabbing pain in my left arm.

I looked down and quickly yanked the needle out of my arm, not fast enough. I fell into blackness
Faces danced in my vision. My mother, my father, my brother, Acrycalis.
My head lolled forward, my vision slightly blurry. I blinked sereval times and sat up, a little too quickly. I blinked black dots from my eyes. A figure sat in a chair before me. I was hand cuffed to a chair.

"Ah! Look who's finally awake." the man said. "You STFT love to interfere, don't you? Humans do too, humans are STFT's so my guess is you both do!"

"I'm not human." I said

"Oh ho ho! Really? Then how come you," he pointed to me "are in the STFT? Only humans are able to become STFT."

"Nobody knows, that why my father's dead." I spat "When my mom told me of what I was, my father overheard. He became frightening, tryed to kill us, calling us abominations."

"Then what are you?" he asked leaning forward.

"I'm a vampire."

"No you aren't. You would need blood by now."

"I never said I was undead."

"An living vampire. You are so rare. Yet," he stood "we have no need for living vampires."

I saw the glint of the blade and before I could cry out, it sunk deep into my chest.

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on Jan. 27 2010 at 6:22 pm
whoa! intense ending! more please!

on Nov. 22 2009 at 7:23 pm
dragonfan SILVER, Arcidia, Indiana
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wow ! this is soo cool! do u think u could write more?????