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Crimson Souls Part 2 - Final

November 17, 2009
By linkroxsox GOLD, Carrollton, Texas
linkroxsox GOLD, Carrollton, Texas
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“Wait, Sam! I’ll put you out of your misery!” Cara walked down the stairs with a wild, crooked smile on her face holding the same bloody bat. She immediately caught up to him. Sam paused and fell awkwardly down the stairs, feeling relieved if only for a moment. He immediately regretted it. Thousands of scorpions ran up and down his skin. Sam began to shake with fear as one fat, furry scorpion crawled into his open mouth. He cried out and it stung him. Suddenly, all the scorpions stuck out their stingers and stung him. He opened his mouth and the scorpion fell out. A hand clasped his mouth shut. Sam looked up and saw Cara smiling sweetly.
“Don’t you just love my illusions?” She giggled and the scorpions disappeared, “You didn’t think I’d let you escape did you?” She peered into his blue eyes, “Now, be a good little boy and…” Sam punched her in the nose and managed to crawl to the door and twist the knob. I have to get out! Sam thought completely passed hysterical. He twisted the knob and crawled outside expecting to the land on the cool, wet grass. Sam opened his eyes and tried to stand up. He looked at his ankle. It was healed! Was this day just a dream? He stood up and looked around. He was in an empty room that was made of wood. A dried blood stain was splattered across the floor and a window was lined with silvery moonlight. Before Sam could ask where he was, Cara appeared out of nowhere.
“Where-?” Sam started to say.
“This is where my last sacrifice was turned into my servant for not being pure enough.” She whispered calmly.
“Then, if you were smart enough, you wouldn’t be asking questions.” She flicked her soft auburn hair back and a large, metal, bloody bat materialized in her hands, “You can guess how I brought you here…Oh, yeah I healed your ankle. I felt you deserved a fair chance.” Cara smiled wickedly and lunged at Sam. Sam stood there, a million thoughts running through his head. He looked around frantically and found a shiny, metal hammer. He dodged her first attack and struck her in the back with the hammer. A spine-tingling crunch echoed from her back and she howled in pain. She looked back at him with pure anger and swiftly struck him in the ribs with her bat. He felt like a piñata being torn apart by a little 5 year old. He retaliated by smacking her ankle with the hammer as he went down. Her back slowly straightened and she smiled as her ankle bled intensely.
“I expected more of a fight from you,” She kneeled down and examined him, “But, since you gave up so easily I’ll tell you a secret,” She giggled, “As you probably know, I’m not human. I’m what you humans call a “witch”. I didn’t know how you humans dressed and talked so I tried my best. My childhood friend died 2000 years ago and ever since, I’ve been looking for a human soul to use. So, I can see him again…” She looked down and a glint of sadness shone in her eyes. Sam almost felt sorry for her, even though she beat him to a pulp. She immediately snapped back to reality and spoke in a cheerful voice, “Oh, I almost forgot! He’s pretty rotten now; he’ll probably need a new eye.” She gracefully bent down and plucked an eye from Sam’s head. The room was dead quiet. Blood squirted from his socket and Sam screamed in confusion. He held his hand to where his eye was supposed to be and screamed again, as pain rocked his body. He rolled on the floor and started hyperventilating. He had never been in so much pain. He stopped breathing-the full force of his broken ribs slamming into him. He gasped in shock as blood spewed from his eye socket. Cara looked at him and held up his bloody eye. She laughed and a smile spread across her cheeks.
“Finally, I’ve found a pure soul!” She raised her hand in the air and chanted some words that weren’t human. Sam’s vision blurred.
“No,” He whispered, “I won’t be sacrificed just…yet!” Cara stopped chanting appearing to be satisfied with herself and pocketed the eye. She didn’t see Sam struggling to stand, equipping the bat, and slamming it over her head. She fell to the ground and a stream of blood flowed from her ear. Sam turned and walked down a hallway that lead to a staircase.
“I’m sorry that you won’t be able to be with your friend….and for breaking that promise. But, I will not be your sacrifice even if I am pure…pure…am…Nev…er.” Sam managed to reach the cobblestone sidewalk outside before he collapsed.

Sam’s parents came back from their night out and upon figuring out he wasn’t there, they called 9-1-1 to file a missing person report. 4 hours later, Sam was found unconscious on the sidewalk of a house halfway across town and taken to the hospital where he was treated for multiple injuries. He suffered from nightmares but, refused therapy when it was offered.
“Sam! Welcome back!” the teacher squealed with fake thrill, “Apparently, you drove out Cara.” She murmured in an almost inaudible voice.
“It’s good to be back!” Sam mumbled in a sarcastic voice. He plopped into his seat and found a note taped under his desk. He flicked the wads of gum that covered it and opened it. The words were sloppy, looking like they were written in blood. It read:
It’s not over. I’m coming, just wait.

Sam laid the note down, thinking it was meant to scare someone else. I’ve just never noticed it, he thought.
“What have you got there, Sam?” The teacher’s shoes clicked across the floor as the students proceeded to “oooh”, “Honestly, not even a minute back and you’re already in trouble.” She muttered as she picked up the note. Sam tried to reach for it but, failed. She flipped it around awkwardly as if she was trying to find a hidden message and finally left. Sam looked back at her confused. Why didn’t I get in trouble? He thought. Sam brushed the thought off, lazily stared out the window and spotted something lying in the grass. A large, metal, bloody bat.

The author's comments:
This is the final part of the Crimson Souls story that I wrote.

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PLEASE SAY YOU ARE! this was really good!

LorraineN.H. said...
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LorraineN.H., Circleville, Ohio
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Favorite Quote:
The happiness of life is made up of minute fractions - the little, soon forgotten charities of a kiss or a smile, a kind look or heartfelt compliment.
Author: Samuel Taylor Coleridge

wow, this was really good, are you writing a second one??