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Sano Lane

February 3, 2009
By Andrew Palmer BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
Andrew Palmer BRONZE, Grand Junction, Colorado
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In a quiet room somewhere in England,2108, a dusty wall shivered, cracked, and slowly slid open, revealing- a man. This particular man lives in Yorkshire, in a small town named Warren. He loves castles and secret passages, so he improvised and bought a castle full of twisting, wormy passages and secret rooms. His name is Sano Lane, and at this moment is snoring loudly. It is the middle of the night. With in the next 9 days, this man will be captured, thrown off a plane in Denmark, and be home in time for his house to explode. Here is his story.

Sinister shadows crept across the wall as ten people filed through the narrow hallways of dark Warren Castle. They were professionally silent as they smoothly fanned out. They were searching for something. A door grated open, and they quickly slipped inside. They clustered around Sano Lane's bed. He was still sleeping deeply. One of the men spoke quickly. 'S'tt chloroformen p' honom. Han ska inte vaket, tills det 'r f'r sent.' Another man pulled a sturdy leather bag from the folds of his black coat and opened it. He took out a smelly napkin and held it to Sano's face. Sano's breathing eased until you could hardly hear it. After that the men acted quickly. The tying, bagging, and other procedures happened in a flurry of activity. The man with the leather bag took a small black ball from the bag, twisted it, and dropped it on the floor of the castle where it lay softly beeping. In no time at all, the package and all the men were driving away in a small van.

He awakens in a small room. Loud noises assail his ears. He experiences a small shock through his stomach, as if he were going up in an elevator. His first thought is one of fear. 'Oh no, they have caught up with me.' he thinks. 'I was too lax and gave away my identity with a credit card! I should have been more careful. Of all people, I should know that the SBCS has spies everywhere!' he scolds himself. 'Now where the heck am I?' High above the plains of Denmark, a small black helicopter with white letters emblazoned on its side spelling Sweden Based Criminal Society hums quietly through the sky. Several men dressed in wrinkled black suits are in the cockpit, behind a thick glass windshield. One holds a leather bag. He gestures and the pilot veers upward to gain altitude. Meanwhile, Sano Lane is doing some hard figuring. 'Let me see,' he muses. 'What does the SBCS do to enemies? Oh yeah! He drops them off planes or helicopters. Well, it's a good thing that I have a super-thin super-compact micro parachute in my pocket! Now how did it get there?' The floor cracks open and Sano is suddenly in freefall, 10,000 feet up. 'Now this goes here and this hooks here and voila! Portable parachute!' Above in the helicopter, the man with the leather bag watches Sano with a mixture of anger and humor on his face. He finally speaks as Sano drifts out of sight. 'Att manen kan f' ut ur n'got, kan inte honom?' he sighs and laughs.

Sano will touch down in the grassy fields of Denmark. He will fold up his micro parachute and start walking. He will walk for miles until he comes to a large town. In town he will work until he has enough money for a plane ticket back to England. He will not be able to speak Danish, so it will be very hard to get a job. The SBCS will have shut down his bank account and destroyed his identity in the various files of the corrupt and criminally run governments of the world, including England, the European Republic, and most of Africa. All he will have left is his house, which he will try to get back to. Finally, after a week working, he will have enough money to travel to Warren. He will leave Denmark and will fly to England. After a day of traveling, he will arrive home, where a small black pulsing ball will be waiting for him. As soon as he steps on the driveway his house will seem to lift itself out the ground and disintegrate. The foundations will be gone and the house will be raining itself around him in a mixture of stone, wood, and worms.

That is how Sano Lane got kidnapped, dumped unceremoniously out of a helicopter, and had his house blow up all in the space of one week. Sano now lives in England but in a slightly different home. His mom's. He is looking to rebuild his identity and move to a new house in Siberia where no one will ever bother him again.

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Centaur said...
on Mar. 8 2009 at 12:42 am
This is a wonderful story! It is very exciting!