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recycling benefits

May 4, 2008
By Anonymous

To help the world to be a better place I recycle. I go down to the recycling place like 15-20 minutes away and recycle all my plastics,cans,etc. Usually when I see my neighbors pulling weeds or planting stuff I always go help them! We always have a great time talking!My neighbors next door (there kind of old) I always get there two dogs and walk down to the mail box with them And get there mail for them. Also me and my friend we bake some brownies or cookies and go sell them around the neighbor hood. When we sell them all we get the money we earned and put it away some where safe. We keep doing that until we make about $100.00 + and then we donate it to St. Judes Children Hospital. Also me and my friend if we ever see like lost dog or cat we always go look around for the lost animal for atleast an hour a day. Half the time we find them,half the time we dont...
I love helping people and recycling.
I feel great when I do it.
*************STOP PULLUTING*************

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