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Global Warming

November 13, 2007
By Anonymous

Global Warming. That says it all, the Earth is getting warmer so the glaciers are melting. This problem needs to be stopped! We are killing our environment. Most people have seen The Day After Tomorrow, the main theme of this movie is that global warming is killing our planet. It is happening, all around us, we drive everywhere, when all we need is to walk a few days a week or carpool. Is that to much to ask. Look at all the trees we are cutting down. Now before anyone reads the rest of this count out Sixty Mississippi's... Did anyone do it? Every time one minute goes by one acre of the rain forest is destroyed and cut down. It is so horrible that all this is happening. If everyone in the world carpooled or walked to work a couple times a week then we would cut down the amount of Carbon Monoxide in the air. If we just turned of the lights when we were not in a room or opened the windows instead of turning on the A.C. then we could make the difference. So much is changing and we should change with it, so next time anyone sees that there is a light on in the room and no one is in there think about the other 10 billion out there and turn off the light. Who knows you could be the saving someone or something else?

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