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What Motivates Me

March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Hello, my name is Denae Shaniidin Blosser, I am a 10th grade student, enrolled at Jordan High School. I am applying for the EnergySolutions Scholarship offered to 10th grade students.

Let me begin by telling you a little bit about myself. I am a Native American from the Diné tribe as well as part Korean from my father’s side. I was born in Ft. Defiance, Arizona. I am the second oldest out of four lovely sisters. I enjoy making my parents proud, learning, painting, drawing, and excelling in school. My favorite subjects in school include science, math, and art. I believe it is important to take advantage of the doors that are open to my education, and apply them toward my future goals.

Once I graduate high school, the particular field that I am interested in is engineering. My aunt Donna, whom I look up to is a civil engineer, she often tells me how much she enjoys her occupation, notifying me what her specific job entails. She designs and constructs things such as roads, bridges, and dams. I am particularly motivated to excel in this area because someday I want to serve the Peace Corps, concerning the third world countries and many undeveloped nations.

Many of my aspirations come from my Native family, it is vital to me as well as it is important to them that I exert myself into getting the education that is obtainable to me. My parents have always set a high standard to my schooling, encouraging me to not to be just a “B” average student, knowing I can outshine that.

One of my inspirations comes from a boy named Garrett Yazzie, Garrett was only an eighth grader when he made an immense change in many of the homes on the Navajo reservation. With a rubber inner tube from his bike wheel, a 1967 Pontiac radiator, 69 aluminum cans, a plastic funnel, a piece of plexiglass and his interest in science brought him far, inventing a home heater that brought the idea of an inexpensive way to heat water and home from solar energy. I had the privilege of meeting Garrett Yazzie when he spoke at a Native American meeting held last year in Murray High School. Touched by his attributions to make a difference in his community, it made me proud to be Navajo and pushed me that much more to strive for education. Though solar energy is not one of my interests, engineering seems like a pathway that I would exceed and do well in.

I believe engineering is important and needed more of nowadays. Many of the roads on the Navajo reservation are unpaved, as well as many houses undeveloped. My grandparents live in Sanders, Arizona, there is a long dirt road that leads to their trailer like many of the people that live on the reservation. You can imagine how hard it is in the winter to get around places. About twice every three weeks, my grandparents haul water from a water source about ten miles from their house, compelling them to constantly conserve water.
I think it is crucial that we look for alternative energy sources to make life easier around the world. In many third world countries, they are without clean water in addition to many essential sources needed for surviving. In the Peace Corps, it takes many willing, educated people to volunteer around the world bringing peace and friendship. The Peace Corps is something that I have been longing and intend to do. I truly think that it would make my future happy, and allow me to be the better person that I desire to be.
In help to ensure my success in the future, it would be greatly appreciated to be considered for the EnergySolutions 10th grade scholarship.

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