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May 15, 2008
By Anonymous

The burning of fossil fuels, overpopulation, the consumption of natural resources- these are all problems that affect our society today. If people of today’s society keep up the destruction of the planet, one day there may not be one to live in.

One human activity that affects us is the release of greenhouse gases, such as carbon dioxide and nitrous oxide, into the atmosphere where it traps heat that shouldn’t stay here. Driving cars, heating our homes and destroying forests are all causes of this. The increase of heat in our atmosphere changes the climate and weather patterns, for example hurricane Katrina. If everyone tries to solve this problem, the ‘human footprint’ we have left on Earth will decrease. Simple ways of doing this are using energy efficient light bulbs, hybrid cars, less hot water, turning off lights, TVs, computers when you’re not using them, and planting trees to take in carbon dioxide.

Water is the main source of life on our planet, and without it we could no longer survive. The dumping of wastes into our ocean, chemical fertilizers, trash and sewage deeply affects the animals, plants and even us. People can become very sick from eating fish that have been exposed to toxins and when swimming in a dirty body of water. The Pollution of water is leading towards the endangerment of animals and us. We can all help with this by recycling our garbage, finding new ways to transport oil, use environmentally safe products, compost yard trimmings, and enforce fines on illegal dumping of wastes.

There are many ways that we can help the environment by using renewable energy. Wind turbines use energy from the wind and transform it into mechanical energy. They can greatly reduce greenhouse gas emissions and air pollution will decrease. More solution are water power which can allow low cost energy, solar energy which comes from the sun in the form of light and heat and can be used for lighting, heating and electricity, and biofuel which is fuel consisting of or derived from dead material (plants).

Taking action will greatly help our planet and us. Everyone taking part, even with doing the simplest of things will help to improve society, and the future of the people living on this planet.

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