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Dear Editor MAG

By Anonymous

   Dear Editor:

After reading the article "It's Not MY Problem" by Rachel Cohen of Westford, MA in the January issue, I realized that we have to start taking responsibility for our environment and worry about cleaning it up, not who dirtied it. With the rising issues on environmental pollution, The 21st Century should make a habit of putting out more information making teens aware of the situation.

I suggest that the paper do this in two ways: one, scare teens with information on how bad it (the environment) could get in their lifetime. This would open their eyes to the problem. Second, make cleaning up a challenge, not a chore; it's too boring! If you made helping the planet fun and interesting, we are sure to get results.

Letting teens realize that they could be in for a smog-filled, polluted earth could scare them or make them realize that pollution is much more serious than they thought. By using statistics and percentages, teens will find out when and if they'll be around for a "pollution age." I know I'm scared and am doing my part and perhaps this will motivate others.

Furthermore, by making cleaning up more rewarding, challenging, and interesting, it would spark the curiosity and motivate teens. Maybe a competition or puzzles and games in the pages would work. Although this is a little indefinite, we still need to interest teens in helping our wonderful planet from the evils of pollution.

Something must be done about pollution. Through stories, poems, and articles, we have become aware of the problem and we must be the generation to stop it. The 21st Century should aim its goals to start an environmentally-aware group for teens. This is a problem we all have and your paper can help stop it! n

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i love this so much!

on Mar. 11 2010 at 8:11 pm
ElephantGirl523 SILVER, Brooklyn, New York
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I think the other problem is that some people refuse to believe that anything is wrong with the environment. . .