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My Homeown

September 28, 2007
By Anonymous

My article is about my hometown. Why I love it so much. One part of it that might amaze you, or it may just bore you. There are many reasons I love my home town. I love my family. My home, my friends. It’s amazing how much God can do in one person’s life. Especially giving them an amazing home like this. With people that care about you and you always have something to do around here. But one of the main reasons I love my home is some amazing. Last year there was a miracle. It feels like a dream. It doesn’t seem real. But it happened. In an alley near my home there was a little girl, she was hiding in the darkness. In a light pink dress. She was a beautiful little girl. Through the dirt on her face and the scars on her heart, she just sits there. Sitting in the all alone. Even though she was in the darkest corner, her big brown eyes seemed to light the world. And every night she lied her head down on that cold ground. And she would look up at the sky. Waiting for someone to come. There was an angel in the alley, a little angel in the alley. And everyday I would walk to school; I looked in and saw the little helpless girl sitting in the alley. And sometimes the tears would fall down my cheeks. I would watch the people stare at her and walk away. The guilt in me was all the same. I saw no way to help her. And I always saw that little girl in the alley, but I never did see the angel in the alley. One day I was walking through the park, and I saw the little girl there. She was sitting on a park bench. In her pink dress all alone. I watched her. Waiting and waiting for someone to walk up to her and help her. But soon after, I noticed no one was coming. Didn’t they see her? Didn’t they see the helpless little girl just sitting there? I left and walked home. The next day I went back and she was still there. Her feet dangled under the bench. Though I couldn’t see any sadness in her eyes. I couldn’t see her heart. A broken little girl...didn’t anyone notice? I told myself I would talk to her, but I had no courage. And the guilt in me was all the same. But the faith in me was strong. I knew that God would some how find a way to save her. I didn’t know how but I knew that the faith in me was stronger than any guilt. My faith was strong enough to move a mountain. That’s what I told myself to get my mid off the girl. But I didn’t stop to think about her faith. I didn’t realize how she felt. I asked God how I could help her. I walked home slowly and when I arrived in my own room, I sat by my window and watched the sun go down. I waited and waited for God to give me an answer to helping the girl. The longer I waited the more I started to drift away. Soon I fell asleep. I woke up in the middle of the night. I looked at my clock. It said 2:24 am. As I started to come to, I heard the hard rain hammering the side of my house and window. I started to remember what had happened the day before. What happened in school, the report I was supposed to write, the walk I took to the park. Then I remembered the girl. I sat upright in bed. It hadn’t rained at all since the day the girl suddenly appeared in that alley. I wondered where she was. Was she in shelter away from the rain? Was she hiding in the playscape at the park? Was she stuck in the middle of the storm? My thoughts were shattered when I heard the low rumble of thunder in the distance. I jumped out of bed and walked to my closet. I got out a heavy jacket and my jeans. I decided that if anyone was going to help her, it was going to have to be me. Then I slowly walked down stairs and went to the front door. I opened it slowly and quietly hoping not to awaken any of my sleeping family members. When I got out side I realized how cold it was. The rain was loud. It was hard to see so used my cell phone as a flash light. I walked the regular path I usually used to walk to school. But when I got to the busy part of town, I stopped. I turned into the cold dark alley. It was dark and shady. But my phone helped me see where I was going. I saw her. The little girl huddling under an old jacket I walked over and sat next to her. I looked in her eyes and said
"Its okay, you don’t have to be afraid anymore. I’m here for you now." Then I saw a smile start to appear on her face. Two wings appeared. She said to me "thank you!” Her voice was so sweet and calming. And then she flew up to heaven where she belonged. And then I knew. She was an angel. She was from heaven, from God. And I knew...There was no angel in the alley. Not little angel I the alley anymore. And there were no more tears to cry, no more people to just walk on by. The little angel, my guardian angel was in heaven where she belonged. With Jesus, where most will be soon too. And when the tears of joy started to well of in my eyes, I awoke. I felt my eyes and they were wet with tears. It was a dream. I was upset I didn’t actually get to witness the angel. But I knew in a way that I did. I knew that that dream was a message from God. He was telling me that I was alright no matter what. That angel was always there for me just like he is always there for all of us. And even though we don’t see him, we know he is really there. I trust the invisible. And you may think that it’s just a crazy dream. But it was a message. After this happened, I appreciated my life and home so much more. That is why I love my home town so much!

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