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Best Friends

November 3, 2007
By Anonymous

If I was asked the question, "What matters most to you?" I would definitely have to say that it is my best friend, Katie "Elizabeth." She is the best friend that anyone could have, and I would have to say that I am one of the luckiest people in the world because I have a best friend like her! That girl has been there for me through rough and smooth; thick and thin. If I need help, I know I can turn to her.

Here recently we have both lost MANY of our closest family members but no matter how crazy I acted or how drastic the situation, she was there to catch me before I hit the floor. There is no way possible to write in words how I feel about that girl. We are so alike and so different at the same time it is unreal. We call each other sisters because she is like my other half. Our parents even tell us that we are alike.

In 7th grade, one of our teaches kept getting us mixed up! Also, One night, she had a sleepover and her mom told us the next morning after we woke up that we were talking to each other in our sleep. And more that once we have stayed up all night on the phone for over 14 hours crying and talking because we thought that something was going to go wrong. I don't think that it ever did, but if you don't call that best friends, I would sure like to know your definition.

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