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Loose Thoughts: To My Muse

January 1, 2008
By Anonymous

Loose Thoughts: To My Muse

The other night we were on the phone and we started talking about fear. I remember you said you’re not afraid of anything, and I doubted you. Then, you explained to me that fear is pointless and that it’s a useless emotion. The next day, I caught myself thinking about it, and from what you said I discovered that fear is a handicap or a weakness. Then I asked myself , “why do people fear?” Why was I afraid of the dark as a child? Why was I afraid to rebel against my mother as a preteen? You don’t know what’s lurking in the dark because you can’t see. That means the danger that could be right in front of your face is invisible. You don’t know what your parents will do when you’re caught in the wrong. They could take away your favorite toy, phone, or whatever. You just don’t know because you’re not in control. That’s what I believe is the biggest fear of them all: the loss of control. The second biggest fear is mystery. So now I think about death. You can’t control when you die or how. People don’t want to die because they don’t know what death is. They’re afraid of mystery. You fear the unknown because you don’t know what to expect, you really don’t know how to prepare yourself. While thinking about all of this I came to the conclusion that death is retirement. It became a poem. The basic point is that while you’re alive you should do what you want. Figure out what your dream is, and try to pursue it. Let it be your career. Let it be something you’ll always love and not something you chose just because it’s “safe”. Safety is impossible anyway, because you never know what will happen. Do what you love and don’t ever give up on it. Don’t retire while you’re alive to spend long afternoons golfing. Retire when you die, that’s the person I think is truly blessed. I just had to write this down because you have inspired me to think. I learn so much from you and I really look up to you. I remember the night I told you that I write songs and poetry. You asked if I’d ever write about you. Baby, I said that you’d have to inspire me, and you said you knew you could. When you said that I knew you were being cocky, that was your ego. Now you really have given me inspiration. I bet you didn’t think it would be on this topic, but if anyone asks I’ll say you co wrote “Death is Retirement”

I am stating that this is my original work.

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