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The zebra and the hippo

February 8, 2008
By Anonymous

The zebra woke up one day and noticed that he was unusually different form his frinds. He had always felt others converging on him, He figuered he was a hippo and not a zebra. He scampred to the watering hold and pressed him face as close as he could to the water so that he could see his reflection.
As he was looking at his reflections he saw a group of zebras that had always picked on him for being different comming toward him. He got scared and ran away as fast as he could. As he was running he came across a group of hippos. As he got closer he started to feel more comfortable, like he fit in. The zebra went up the hippos and started talking to them. The hippos looked at him and wondered why a purple zebra was talking to them.
The hippos did not want to tell the zebra anything but one couldn't take that a zebra just came over to their herd and started talking to them! He went up the zebra and said "Hey why are you not with your zebra friends?"
The zebra said "Because i'm not a zebra, i'm a hippo. Can't you tell?"
All the hippos looked at him and said "Your not a hippo!"
The zebra said "Yes i am, see i'm purple and so are you, that makes me a hippo!"
"We both might be purple, but we don't have strips and you do."
The zebra did not know what to say, he just turned around and started walking away.The hippos felt bad and told him to come back. They wanted to help the zebra find his kind.
One hippo had seen a purple zebra a few days before and he had seen the direction that he went. He told the zebra, he was so glad that there were more of his kind. The zebra asked the hippo to take him to the place where he had seen the other zebra. The hippo was very glad to.
He took him to a grassy area, over all the hills, and valleys. It seemed like forever! By the time they got to the place where the hippo had seen the zebra they were very tired. The hippo wanted to stop for water but the zebra said "No!" we can't stop i want to get to my family! The hippo said "ok then" i'll keep going.

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