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stop the hate

January 5, 2011
By misstywaterfall SILVER, N/a, Massachusetts
misstywaterfall SILVER, N/a, Massachusetts
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everyday it is seen, in the halls at school, in work. bullying has become a real serious issue. i know from personal expierences its not a good spot to be in. you never want to be bullyed or be the bullyer yourself. its really hard when your going through this sort of hate in your life. no body should ever be scrutenised because of race,gender, ethnicity, sexual orientation, body size, disabilty or anything of that sort pertaining to social stauts or anything eles that someone can comment on. the littlest comment can turn into the biggest problem. you dont know what people go through in their lifes and you never know a person could be sad already with family issues and then you say something and they go home and comit suicide. its a sad and scary thing. the death rate among teens is rising, more and more teenagers are being put down and being pushed to feel they have no way out. a person should never feel so down right horrible that they feel they cant take it ans take their own life. suicide today is one of the 3 leading cuases of death in the untied states. noone should have to resort to suicide as a way out thats why i am trying to do some thing to save someone like i was saved. i have tried to commint suicide due to constant bullying and exclusion in school because of my body. i was always teased and put down because of th way i look. it had made me very insecure, and it got to the point i was ready to die then one day i was saved. one of my closest friends talked me out of it saying its not worth it. then i relized she was right. i should kill myself because of stupid poeple putting me down. i am my own person and thats what i try to get across to everyone. you are you, your unique and special and no one person or even a group of people can take that away from you. no matter what any single person says its not many kids and teens are put under soo much presure to succeced and when they try and they get put down its a distraction to them as well. no one person deserves to be treated like a fool. everyone is wondering why so many teens are committing suicide well thats why because of other people. it makes me so sad..
i am a teen and i have been put thrrough alot in my life i knows how alot of people feel. most of the time the person doing the pushing was pushed thats what made them into a bully...i wish all of it would stop..just why cant people just worry about themselvs instead of judging and digrating others just becuase they feel like it..everyone has nicness in why be mean? i cant even anwser that...

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