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Thomas O'Malley

March 18, 2008
By Anonymous

He looks at me when I speak to him, but does he understand?
He sees me everyday, but does he really know?
He barely ever speaks
And when he does, it’s a foreign tongue to me.
Does he know how much I love him? Does he love me too?
I think he does, because I've been told that love is a universal language,
Understood by all.
I tell him everyday, he is my baby and I love him
He stares at me with his big beautiful eyes, wagging his tail.
When I wake up in the morning, when I go to bed at night;
He is always there, making sure I’m safe.
He comes running when I get home, begging me to play.
All he wants is some attention, some reassurance that we really do love him
He rubs his little body, against my hands and legs to warn the other cats:
That I am his, and only his.
I tell him that I love him,
I hear that lovely purring sound, is that “I love you too”?

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