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Why we need company when facing stress

July 29, 2022
By Joseph123213 GOLD, Beijing, Other
Joseph123213 GOLD, Beijing, Other
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With the continues advancements in the industrial society, people experience an increasing amount of stress. Some people suggest that one can only relax in solitude, while others emphasize role socializing and relationships play in releasing pressure. From my perspective, it is the most effective to be accompanied by others.

Admittedly, I can understand why some people think spending time alone is beneficial. To a certain degree, performing meditation alone enables one to reflect upon himself and build a positive mentality, and spending time alone prevents one from facing issues. However, people with such views have failed to realize that meditation and escaping the reality actually reinforce one's stress because the underlying reason for the crisis has not been resolved. In comparison, communicating and entertaining with family and friends will contribute to releasing one's pressure.

First and foremost, carrying on a conversation with relatives and peers will mitigate one's mental issue. The origin of one's mentally issue is usually excessive workload or malicious comments from others. By pointing out the insignificance of the work and the comments, family and friends are able to straighten out the person's mind and help to construct a positive mentality. For example, as a mechanical engineering major in college, my father was confronted by two lab reports due in a week and three upcoming exams. He was overwhelmed by the workload and would have certainly developed depression without his mother's words. "Young man," she says, "college is just a page of the journey, your life is yet to unfold." My father was greatly comforted and inspired by this conversation, which would have been impossible if he decided to isolate himself from family and friends.

Secondly, playing with friends can relief a person from excessive stress. All forms of entertainment are designed to delight the customers, which applies to all including the frustrated ones. Those activities that require friends to play together are proved to be especially effective in entertaining and exhilarating the participants, which contributes to releasing pressure and achieving relaxation. For instance, Bill Gates wrote in his autobiography that he was overwhelmed and felt outcompeted when Apple released the new version of MacOS. At this crucial moment, his friend Thomas convinced him to go to an amusement park and leave the work behind. Although accusing the park to be childish at first, Gates was eventually thoroughly relaxed by the time he spent with Thomas.

In conclusion, people should not try to release stress all by themselves in adversity. They should instead seek for the support from family and friends because they enable inspiring conversations and comforting entertaining activities. It is sincerely hoped that people will be able to manage mental issues in proper ways, which will increase productivity and benefit humanity as a whole.

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