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A Friendly Reunion

May 13, 2022
By Anonymous

I heard the music as I entered the room. The name of the song was Supercalifragilisticexpialidocous from that older Mary Poppins movie. Watching this movie was a sharply dressed man. This man was a friend of mine. Out of the kitchen came a loud hiss, the kind you hear when water in a kettle begins to boil. The man stood up and went into the kitchen. Then the sweet smell of freshly made tea began to fill the air. Returning from the kitchen with two cups of fresh tea, the man gave me one and offered me a seat. Forgetting how hot it was, I took a drink, nearly burning my mouth. The steam began to fog up my glasses making my vision blurry. The room became completely quiet. Finally, breaking the silence, he spoke,” So after all these years, you’ve finally come to visit. I understand if you're still mad. After all, I made that project of yours go kablooey.” Taking a moment to ponder all he had said, I laughed a little. Then I said, “I’m not mad. I’m just sad the project I orchestrated over so many years never got a chance to go to space.” We both took another moment of silence. After a while, the man stood up and went outside. On his return, he held several brightly colored flowers. He placed them in a vase and set it upon a table. He smiled and said, “The past is full of infinite possibilities of what could have happened. You need to move on and look into the future. Once you do that, you’ll see how green the grass is.

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I'm a sophomore in high school.

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