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March 16, 2013
By Pure_Serendipity GOLD, Maywood, Missouri
Pure_Serendipity GOLD, Maywood, Missouri
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"The way a clown does their makeup may not be what they want to look like, it just might be what they feel. Don’t judge people by their outside. Look through the mask and seek whats inside."
-Lauren Treutel

"Stop bullying!" "Stop the bullies!" I see and hear these things everywhere. I also see these things happening, people being bullied. Not just kids or teens but people with special needs. Their the people who have the biggest heart, the people who look up to others. People often don't think about the people with disabilities, they just stare, laugh, point, judge, and criticize. Why though? Are they not normal? Are they different? Yes and yes. They are beyond normal and different. They are amazing. They put up with their struggles every single day! They put a smile on their face every single day! People with disabilities don't choose to have struggles, they choose to fight them though. Just like you can choose to love them, help them fight their disability, laugh with them instead of at them, you can even become their friend. As simple as that. A friendship. Make them feel wanted.

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Went to a memorial rodeo this weekend for a boy who died because of Muscle Dystrophy. He was a friend of mine. I miss him but when he was still with us, I remember sitting with him at recess and just telling him random things; jokes, stories, just whatever was on my mind. He was an amazing person. But still, people would be mean to him. He didn't choose to be different. So just smile or give a friendly wave so people with disabilities. It will make their day better and it will make you feel like a better person. I promise.

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