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My Drive to the Border of Insanity

September 27, 2013
By MaxineA BRONZE, Orange Park, Florida
MaxineA BRONZE, Orange Park, Florida
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Dear Family and Friends,

I have recently embarked on a wild adventure to the unknown. My destination is a little town on the edge of the world. Wonders have been seen there and it’s said that it’s very peaceful so I’m on my way to experience it myself. It’s funny how the further I go, the less I feel like myself as if I were slipping into another person’s clothes and their strangeness was affecting my mind.

There is much to be seen on this trip. I’ve seen incredible signs that tell me how near I am to the border. “Wild Boar Crossing” I read upon the last one, and indeed I saw quite a few of these creatures on my drive. Yes, this is a strange place.

But don’t worry for me. As I journey onward I begin to find this quite natural, as if Alice in Wonderland was a hard, cold piece of non-fiction and that all wardrobes hold a wonderful land beyond them.

I wish a few of you had accompanied me, for it’s a very lonely drive sometimes. I only have a map and the hum of the engine to comfort me in my solitude. You really shouldn’t worry about me, as I said before, for I’ve made many friends on this road. We’re all going the same way, but on different routes. It seems this is the rule of the road. A very dear friend of mine is traveling by way of the business road. It’s a very often driven road and he finds it very hard sometimes, for it’s a long, slow way towards our destination. Another friend is driving along the road of unfruitful hard work. He tells me he isn’t sure that he won’t turn around sometime if he thinks the town isn’t what it’s said to be. I laughed at him when he said this, but I truly think he will turn around sometime. A very strange person, don’t you think?

You might ask out of curiosity which road I am taking and I will tell you quite frankly that I’ve taken the road of seclusion. Yes, we are all alone on our trips, but I am especially alone. I was lonely before the trip and perhaps that’s what urged me onto it. It’s a very sad matter, but one that I am eagerly set upon.

This isn’t a very long letter, but I have only just begun my adventure. I will write more soon,

With many good wishes, Maxamilienne

The author's comments:
I felt a little like this one day and thought I'd write it down. It's half funny, half serious and a little weird...

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