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   FriendOne tear I will shed. It is for a friend. The happy times shared don't compare to how much I cared. So no matter how far I may go, I will never forget his warm glow. When the rain starts falling, and sadness comes crawling, I will shed a tear for my friend; The one who missed the end.One leap he took, but he had forgotten to look. As he fell from this place, he was too quickly embraced. God grasped his hand and whisked him away to a far-off land. He glanced back in time to see that he had finally become free. Noticing that he could no longer live, he smiled upon the things Earth could never give.Tears I shed for my friend. The one who left me in the end. But I can honestly say that they were all quickly wiped away, by a presence I could not see, but I knew it had to be -my friend who had drifted away. Then I understood that with each day, the body of my friend was gone, but his memory forever lingers on.In Loving Memory of Sam Curtisby Nicole Hampton, Sweet Home, OR

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i love this so much!