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Educator of the Year

May 28, 2008
By Anonymous

When I first met Coach Hessler, I knew he was a good teacher and coach. I think all the people who have ever been under his direction will agree with me. Every day in class is a new adventure and he always tries his best to connect with every kid in the class. It’s no different while he is on the football field. He knows some kids don’t pick up on all the little things right away, so he takes a different approach to try to make everyone understand.

In the classroom, Mr. Hessler is always trying to have fun, but he gets the point across that he means business at the same time. He is not a boring teacher and does things in class that can relate to kids. He shows us why we want to know what we’re learning.
“Now for all of you kids that don’t think you’ll ever need to know this, listen up future engineers”. This is a common phrase from Mr. Hessler. Along with that, he always tries to work around our schedules so we can learn to our greatest potential. An example of this is how he saved the easiest chapter of the year during the AP testing time period so the kids affected by those didn’t have to stress out as much because of how much class time they have missed. He is the only teacher I have ever heard of has used this method, and the kids seem to like it.

On the football field, Coach Hessler is almost the same. He has fun, but we are always working hard, even though we sometimes don’t realize it because of the way he coaches. One great characteristic Coach has is that he is patient. He gives everyone time to learn plays and pick up on new techniques and when we screw up, he tends to forget about it and that lets us forget about it too. As long as we stay on task and don’t goof off and get caught not paying attention, practice is always fun.

I believe Mr. Hessler adds certain knowledge to teaching and coaching that is unparalleled by any other teacher I have had. He makes learning fun whether it’s on the football field or in the classroom. This is why he deserves to be educator of the year.

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