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Mr. Kostka as Educator of the Year

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

When told to pick an educator for teacher of the year, one instantly made me smile. The person that I am talking about is Mr. Steve Kostka. Junior year, I had to take a great deal of courses to get my required credits, so I took Wood Survey, thinking it would be an easy class. I had never taken a woods class, so I was excited. The first day I walked in to Mr. Kostka’s class, I was the only girl in the class! I wanted to walk right out and drop the class; but instead, Mr. Kostka greeted me and told me where to sit, making me feel welcome.
Mr. Kostka never objected to any of my questions, trusted me, and always had a smile on his face. He always took the time to explain each part of the process and would help me assemble my pieces of my projects.
Mr. Kostka gets me excited to go to class every day. When I finished making my first project, I had really accomplished something. I made a beach chair, which I put in my room. That chair is by far my favorite to sit and read in. Since then, I have made a fold out table and currently, I am making a cabinet. Next semester, I plan on making a kitchen table for my mother. Knowing I can make all these things makes me feel more confident and independent.
Kind, patient, wise, intelligent and funny are the words I would use to describe Mr. Kostka. He is like Ernie, the Keebler elves leader. Every time I would be in a bad mood, Mr. Kostka would cheer me up. When I was making my beach chair, I was almost finished with one of my legs, and it snapped when I was cutting it with a saw. I was so mad, but Mr. Kostka dropped what he was doing and helped me re-make my leg in about fifteen minuets. I am so glad I had Mr. Kostka as a teacher. If I never took his class, I probably would still be very shy and not motivated to do anything.
I never thought a high school teacher could change my life. However, Mr. Kostka has made me a better person. For that alone, Mr. Kostka deserves this award.

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