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Mr. Skurski

June 15, 2008
By Anonymous

Finishing up my 10th grade year in high school was bittersweet. While I gladly embrace summer and all it has to offer, moving to the 11th grade means I'm one step closer to college and one step closer to leaping out into the "real world" on my own. One teacher however, has made the transition a little easier. It was the first day of the second semester and time seemed to be dragging by. But by the end of the one and a half hour period, I couldn't wait to come back the next day! Mr. Skurski was an amazing teacher - one of the best I have ever had. He reminded me that there is more going on than just what happens in our own country. He truly opened my mind to a whole world outside America's borders, and changed my outlook on life. Not many teachers can give themselves credit for that. To all you students out there, I hope you have the chance to have a teacher as influencial and empowering as Mr. Skurski.

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