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good teaching

October 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Do you know what a good teacher is to me?It is some one who has the guts enough to stand up for others and there learning. it is a very stupid thing to have others inturupting our
learning she stands up for us all.
So when she has to send others out
for refocus i am agravated that i have to put up with this crap.And i think it is utterly assinine that she has to give refferls to those who dont know how to shut up and do as told.THATS WHY I LIKE HAVING MRS.PICKETT AS MY 8th GRADE TEACHER

The author's comments:
my name is marcus sommers and i like to learn all that i am supposed to and it is soooo freakin annoying when i am i n t i r u p t e d

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