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Mr. Hall

November 14, 2008
By Anonymous

“No iPods, no scented hand lotions, no cheating, however; Neil Diamond is acceptable,” says Mr. Hall during the first day of class.
If you stop anyone on the street and asked them questions about one’s occipital lobe or the whereabouts of the squamus suture, the response would be somewhere between eye rolling and a vulgar hand gesture. However, there are some among us that would happily discuss it.
Outside of learning what bones articulate medial to your pelvic girdle, Mr. Hall also teaches how to apply his studies in real life. He teaches us the use of bird mating calls on a coed campus doesn’t only make you attract birds, but attract women.
Some would consider his methods unorthodox and a little to intense, but I respectfully disagree. Mr. Hall has a way with pushing students to their limits to achieve excellence in everything they do. He is like an antagonizing woodpecker chipping away your imperfections.

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