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Mrs. Klun, Educator of the Year

January 9, 2009
By Anonymous

Mrs. Christie Klun is a teacher who needs no introduction. I looked forward to Business Law every school day for an entire year, without question. Business law may sound boring, but Mrs. Klun made it invigorating. She would start out everyday with a story about some Klun household mishap. That’s how I have come to know Mrs. Klun and her family on a whole different level than my other teachers.
For example, she’s not the best cook, except for her pumpkin torte, and her mother-in-law makes all her family meals which she safely stores in her freezer. Her husband’s addicted to video games beyond imagination and his idea of a romantic evening is having her read off cheat codes. Her son Ethan is a “demon child” who enjoys playing Gears of War until he says, “his eyes are bleeding” and tormenting his sister as well as local grocery store owners. Their daughter, Eli, is the family’s perfect angel who loves Elmo and pushing Bratz dolls, along with her brother, in baby strollers.
The insight she has offered into her personal life has increased my willingness to learn. Why, you ask? By providing her students with an opportunity to relate to her, whether it is because “Mrs. Klun is part of a family of four just like me,” or “I have a crazy, demon cousin just like her son,” people can relate. If you walk-out of Mrs. Klun’s room on any given day without a smile plastered across your face, we better call Mystery, INC. because this case is definitely not closed.
Her advanced personal sense of style and upbeat personality only further enhanced her passionate teaching style. She would use original ways to review for test and quizzes (such as jeopardy with don’t forget the lyrics categories to increase interest or guessing games where you get an opportunity to shoot a basketball for extra points if you answer the question correctly.) Mrs. Klun often rewards hard work with candy as an extra incentive for students to strive for excellence. The educational and life skills she taught me were invaluable. I have, since her class, used them to help myself, as well as, my family, friends, and co-workers.
Mrs. Klun someday is going to be one of those grandma’s that everyone wishes was theirs. She’ll give the perfect gifts, dress in the latest fashions, drive the coolest car, and always use the most up to date verbiage successfully. A mother, a daughter, a friend, a comedian, a teacher, Mrs. Klun does it all. I feel so fortunate to have had the opportunity to be a student of Mrs. Klun’s.

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