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An Artistic Lady Teaching Art

January 27, 2009
By Jennifer BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
Jennifer BRONZE, Boise, Idaho
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Many days I felt terrible about my academic grades in my core classes, but I would always use art as an escape that?s why I decided to take arts and crafts and I award myself today for it otherwise I never would have met Mrs. Chojnacky (
She is a wonderful teacher; she believes that anybody can do the impossible. She is a medium height, brown frizzy haired woman who loves to love. She is a no nonsense kind of person and that helps me because I can really relate to her in that way.
Mrs. Chojnacky helped me learn by teaching me to try even when you THNIK you can?t. She always said never use the word cant, there are many substitutes for cant so why say that one ?yucky? word?
I remember when she let us walk around for the whole class with no shoes on
And every body was walking around saying ?take off your boots? in different languages( that was oodles of fun), or the time she had a major headache so we all had to whisper, but we all love her so we all were very quite and helped her through the day.
She always told us we were the ?cream of the crop? meaning we were her favorite even though it probably wasn?t right that she favored us and then told us but we were good kids so we would never tell her other classes. She had a certain vocabulary she always used BIG words they actually taught me something in the English subject which should normally be rare in art.
So now you know how important she is and deserves a nomination (considering she would just buy supplies for her class). I am very sad to not be in her class anymore and I great fully hope to be in her class next year.

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