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Tom Keenan: An Awesome Dude

March 3, 2009
By manGola BRONZE, Hollis, New York
manGola BRONZE, Hollis, New York
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Tom Keenan is perhaps the greatest educator that I know. Not only is he a wonderfully talented biologist, but his ideals and views on life have so inspired me to recommend him for the Educator of the Year award.
Mr. Keenan has influenced me in so many ways. In the beginning of the year, organization and concentration had not been any of my strengths. However, with the amount of tact that Mr. Keenan uses to teach, it is impossible to ignore the fluent lessons that are being taught. I remember first learning the theory of Evolution. Many of the ideas of scientists such as Charles Darwin and Lamark have altogether bewildered me. Nevertheless, what would seem like a tedious history lesson progressed into a thoughtful and organized interpretation of each of the various theories of evolution. In that semester, I walked away with a blissful A after acknowledging the effective and efficient way of teaching that Mr. Keenan had used.
Throughout my school years, I have learned that laboratory experiments are one my various weaknesses. With clumsy butterfingers, I am often prone to dangerous hazards and problems. This year, however, was much different because of my fabulous biology teacher. Every step I take is advised by Mr. Keenan, who so politely describes to me the procedure of attempting an experiment. Even though I may not understand something fully, Mr. Keenan never hesitates to help me analyze the situation. In other words, he may not even tell me the answer directly but would ask me questions that would ultimately force to figure out certain facts for myself. I think that this is a great approach to learning because in essence, the student is learning with helpful nudges as opposed to simply being told what is right and wrong.
In a nutshell, Tom Keenan has posed as a role model and influential teacher for me. Besides simply walking me through a terribly confusing subject, Mr. Keenan has also taken the time to show me what is effective in this world: Organization and concentration will always lead to success and efficiency.

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