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My Papaw is Always There...

April 18, 2008
By Anonymous

Do you have someone special in your life? Well I do my papaw! I love my papaw no matter what. No matter what I always have a shoulder to lean on for help. My papaw has light blue eyes and gray hair!
Do you have someone who cares for you like I do? He cares for me and I care for him. He cares for me by helping me on things that I need help on like my homework and on things that deal with softball! He helps me with softball drills. For example running faster, he helps me work on my slap, and he helps me work on my pop-up slide. This is important to me because I need help on doing homework because school comes first then softball. I also need help on homework because some of my homework is really hard for example math.
Do you do anything on the holidays? Well my papaw and I do! Some of the television shows we watch are “The Holiday”, “The Grinch Who Stole Christmas”, and much more. The next thing we do on the holiday is we write and send Christmas cards to the family. The last thing we do on the holiday is the day of Christmas Eve we make a family dinner for everybody in the family to enjoy, and then we open gifts! I remember one time we stayed up till 2:00 watching “Santa Clause 3” when we watched that movie it was on a Saturday night the night right before I had to go to church. That day I did not want to go to church.
Everybody should have somebody that takes care of them when they are sick. The person that
takes care of me the most is my papaw! Whenever I am sick he gets my medicine for me or pores me a little bit of ginger ale. The last thing he does for me when I am sick he makes sure I have a bowl of hot soup, and gives me advice on what I should eat. I remember one time he told me to eat crackers, to finish the soup, and to drink my ginger ale, Just a couple of days ago he called my mom and told her to go to the store and get some more ginger ale on your way in from work because I drank the rest of it that morning!
Right here right now in this very moment the world would never be the same because I would be very lonely during the holidays and when he is gone. I feel this way because I love him and down inside him somewhere is a smile that will last forever! He will always be in my heart no matter where he is. He is always there even when I am down he cheers me up with a big smile! I love you papaw for now and forever!

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