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Teen Pet Affinity

August 6, 2021
By Lisa-Mary-Paul PLATINUM, Copenhagen, Other
Lisa-Mary-Paul PLATINUM, Copenhagen, Other
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Ever had a pet? A pet that supports you? Licks you?


       There are always days when I feel stressed,bullied and isolated. I come back from school trying to manage my mood swings and other teenage tantrums:it’s barely an hour before I start flooding with negative thoughts! Almost every teen goes through this tough, challenging year where they are put to test with all sorts of obstacles,the weight of it all is simply overwhelming !


     However,as you might or might not have guessed, it’s not impossible to overcome this obstruction,there is always a way out. Keep reading to find out mind-boggling,rejuvenating new facts on how you can forever tarnish and defeat this mental misery,know you’re not the only one!


           Firstly, to state a fact, 91% of teenagers who own a pet, have easily ,over a period of time,gotten through their tantrums. Pets are not only there for you to feed and take care of,but it can also be the other way around,pets can support you. They are intimate,loyal companions who feel deeply for you! They huddle by you through your darkest days until your fight is over. Even after,they never once leave your side! 


      Interview  with my cousin on her journey to happiness...




How do pets make kids happy?


  Pets are already known to be tolerant,loving creatures. But why exactly do they make kids so happy? Well,for starters,research has proven that pets increase self-esteem and self-expression of an individual. Moreover, 76% of teenagers with pets are known to be more adaptable,versatile and loving towards any other creature than those without! Pets have natural traits,that over long periods of time can completely change the behavior of a person.


      My cousin,Aderin,from India has kindly accepted to tell you her story,about her cat called Shadow through a call we arranged. Here is the interview:




Interview with Aderin (Yr7)


Me : “Hi Addy! So firstly,how exactly did you end up getting your cat,Shadow?”


Aderin:“Hi! So yeah,I got her as a recommendation from a family doctor. I have been suffering many problems since becoming 14 years old. Mentally and physically..I just can’t control my negative thoughts or be as active and cheerful as before. My mother was worried about this and she contacted a doctor. He suggested to get a pet for support.”


Me: “Wow! So how has Shadow helped you?”


Aderin: “Well,one big thing is of course the support I receive from him. He just always makes me feel good about myself and makes me feel important. My parents are always out,and I have no siblings,so it can be very hard for   me to express my feelings! Having Shadow at home is unimaginably helpful!”


Me: “How are you feeling now,as you have had Shadow for two years now , isn’t it?”


Aderin: “Yes two years now. I feel much more content and confident now that I have Shadow along with me. There’s no more obstacles facing my way!” :)


Me: That is truly magical and thank you for sharing your experience with our readers. I’m sure this is just the beginning of a beautiful journey.

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A truly enjoyable article with new facts,an interesting interview and rejuvenating find outs. All about pets and you!

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Lisa-Mary-Paul PLATINUM, Copenhagen, Other
44 articles 16 photos 58 comments

Favorite Quote:
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