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Interview with Someone in the Medical Field

April 21, 2008
By Anonymous

Who inspired you to go into your profession? Why?
My aunt inspired me to go into the medical profession. She was a doctor and helped a lot of people get well.
What is the average salary for your job?
The average salary for my job is about $4,000-$5000 per month.

What is your daily routine?
First, I see patients for individual consultation and evaluation. I interview them for medical history. Second, I give a brief orientation of the exercise equipment at the hospital. Then, I make an individualized care plan for the patient. I see patients for “Quit Smoking” education. Later, I monitor the patients on exercise equipment and motivate them to work harder. I also make sure that they are getting enough oxygen by checking their oxygen saturation during the exercises. After that, I lead patients through free weights and cooling down exercises. Sometimes, I conduct education sessions. At the end of the day, I make sure all questions/queries asked by patients are answered.

Have any of your patients suffered a lot? How?
All the patients suffer every day. They suffer from chronic lung disease. It is hard for them to breathe and this is the reason they suffer. It is hard for them to perform daily activities. Their lives always revolve around their general health condition. These patients require frequent hospitalizations. They need machines to breathe or have to have supplemental oxygen at all times. These conditions limit the patients’ ability to socialize as much as they want to. This condition also hurts them emotionally, as they are either anxious or depressed.

How has this affected you?
Seeing the suffering patients drains me emotionally. I feel that I need to educate these people about self-management of their disease and provide all emotional support necessary. These tactics have taught me a lot about life too. They have told me to be patient so I can listen to empathize with my patients. It has also taught me to look beyond the trivial daily hassles of life.

Where do you work? In what environment?
I work in a hospital setting. I see patients for individual and group therapy. My job is to work with patients to improve their endurance through exercise and educate them about their condition. It is kind of like a school environment, only on a larger scale.

Approximately, how many hours do you work a week on average?
I work approximately 24-30 hours every week on average.

What made you choose this job?
For several years, I worked in an acute care setting as an intensive care unit and as an emergency room and pediatric care unit. When this job was posted, I liked it very much due to its social perspective. With this job, I felt I could make a difference in the life of someone who needs help. Patient education and motivation are two main components of my job. This was another reason why I chose this job. At the end of the day, I can feel satisfied and content due to the type of work that I do.

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